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Adventure Day 2: Munich, Germany

Sleep was pretty normal for everyone! Yay, for hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed getting over jet lag.

Also forgot to mention we finally got R’s suitcase last evening. YAHOO!

We enjoyed another breakfast. This may get boring hearing about, but every European hotel breakfast will hopefully be this amazing. Then we decided since the weather was still raining that we’d head to the BMW Welt and Museum. Maybe not something we’re all totally jazzed about but hopefully still interesting. So we hopped the U-ban and we were on our way.

Telling stories about our cats having imaginary adventures, is a common travel habit when we have down time.
He tried every car he could.
Lego mania!
He totally wants a motorcycle when he’s older, yikes!

We didn’t end up visiting the BMW Museum, just their shop. The Olympic Park is also right next door so we walked around and hoped to go swimming in the Olympic pools. The grounds were beautiful.

Volleyball and tennis courts
L off exploring and running double the distance as everyone else.
The perfect climbing tree
Always has to get in on the action.
So neat to see all this.

So we’ve really been struggling with attitudes on this trip. One thing we’ve been trying is a marble jar app. You have to get 10 marbles in the jar and you can have a gelato for the day. Each kid has their own jar. All you have to do to earn a marble is to show kindness to anyone in our family. Seriously it’s been a struggle! But this moment of L and R coming down this hill something clicked. They began imagining together, and being a team again. The kindness was starting to show, and suddenly 10 marbles each kid was going to happen. It’s nice to look back on this photo and realize this was the moment the day started to shift towards the better.

Sharing 1st place!
The diving boards were all closed and the swimmers looked pretty serious. We would have been a major disturbance.

So after checking out the Olympic swimming pool and realizing we wouldn’t have been a good fit, I let that dream go. We decided to head to another swimming pool the hotel concierge told us about that had water slides and was more kid friendly. We took a quick stop at the English Garden since it was one the way. We were hoping to possibly rent bikes and ride through the park, or see the surfers on the river, but neither happened.

Their spring strawberries will blow your mind! This was our favorite snack to get when we were biking around Europe a few years ago.
Trying to earn those marbles!
How have we lasted this long without visiting a playground?

We had lunch at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) in the English Garden. It is a beer garden that has an old fashioned carousel from the early 1900’s.

After lunch we trekked our way to the family swimming pool, Westbad via subway and trams. The check in process for the pool was a bit off putting since there was limited English, we didn’t bring any towels, the locker room situation was tricky. But once we got in we all jumped onto the water slide and enjoyed the lazy river. Ty and I got to sit in the outside pool in the sun by ourselves for at least 20 minutes while the kids were inside playing together. It was probably the most alone time we’ve had since we started this trip! Having the kids get along really is a game changer.

About 6:15 we dragged the kids away from the pool. We dried ourselves off using Ty’s outer shirt and some hair dryers. Then treated everyone to gelato which was conveniently just across the street. Ten marbles for everyone!!

R rocking Ty’s shirt/towel to dry her hair.

A trolley ride to pick up some sushi for dinner (way too much per our usual) and then a trolley ride back to our hotel. Tucked everyone in by 8:15 and it’s now 8:40 and all is quiet.

Apparently I just need to walk my kids 9 miles a day and throw them in a swimming pool for 2 hours to get them to go to bed quickly. Who knew?!

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