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Travel Day: Nuremberg to Munich, Germany

We started the day off with an electric scooter ride. We had ridden these before in Washington DC and Seattle with the kids. They’re a really fun way to navigate a big city. But the issue for us is they require you to sign in and off with your phone. We don’t have cell service in Europe so we needed to make sure we were on WiFi when we got on and when we stopped. So we planned just to take a loop around the city starting from our hotel and ended back at the hotel.

R was not totally feeling the scooter, can you tell? Also nice product placement Ty!
L was in charge of the bell and the accelerator. He was loving life!
No idea why R is walking here.

The rain caught us during our ride so we hurried back to the hotel as quickly as we could to end our rides. We walked to a department store to buy a few umbrellas, especially since R doesn’t have any kind of coat (remember the lost suitcase?)

After we finished our shopping we hopped a local trolley to go to the Nazi Document Museum and Nazi Party grounds. We have had several talks with our kids about WW II and we were interested to see some of these sights in person. Well, we tried but it wasn’t meant to be. We couldn’t get to the museum initially because someone fell right at the doorway and it was blocked by an ambulance.

I’m sure this will be amazing when it’s completed.

That’s fine, we thought let’s walk the Nazi Party grounds. Well it turns out it was about 4 miles around this lake, and it appeared to us that most of it was fenced off. There weren’t any informational stations around the part that we walked. We covered maybe 1/3 of the lake and there wasn’t anything informational. R was in a major mood and was walking like 200 yards behind us. So after going so far, we gave up and turned around.

Enormous building, that we couldn’t access…

The museum was finally clear of the ambulance so we went in. However, the museum was remodeling and everything was closed except for one room with five tables in it. They actually described it that way to L when he went to ask if this was it? They displays they did have were neat but nothing like we were hoping to see. Just one of those things that happens when you travel, you can’t plan for everything.

We took a trolley back to our hotel, packed up and caught a train to Munich. It was nice to sit for a bit, look at the scenery while blogging.

My kids are awesome travelers. Also good reason to bring small suitcases is the constant on and off trains.

Our hotel was once again right across the street from the train station. It’s beautiful and I’m so thankful we’re here for 5 days! We have a nice large room with a bed for everyone, even a couch and table.

After checking in, and dropping our bags in the room. We went out and attempted another scooter ride. Ty figured there would be WiFi at this main square we were headed to, so we risked a one way trip. The ride was fun but finding WiFi at our stop was stressful. We separated ourselves from the kids, which I hate to do. It was a rough 10-15 minutes but we found some WiFi, cancelled our rides and reunited with the kids. All worked out in the end.

We ended up at the Marienplatz square which has a famous glockenspiel that was about to go off. So we peaked in a church, bought some cherries and watermelon, then settled down for the show. Not totally impressive, but still neat to see.

I don’t even remember why the attitude.

After the show we walked down the street to the Haufbrau Beer Garden, which was crazy! So many people, so much beer, potatoes, and gravy being consumed! We did it, we can check it off the list. It wasn’t our favorite meal, but when in Germany…

Everyone is melting down at the end of the day still.
This place can seat 3,000 people!

After eating we started walking towards home.

Beautiful buildings everywhere!

We happened to be walking by Obletter, Munich’s largest toy store. So of course, no matter how tired we were, we had to go check it out. It was pretty awesome! So many fun toys, and so many German things I want to get for my kids. But we were too tired to make any decisions so we will be back.

We finished our walk back to the hotel. Got everyone ready for bed. The best part of everyone being exhausted, is that bedtime has been very easy. It seems to take about 5 minutes and both kids are out.

Munich seems beautiful and we can’t wait to explore this city some more. But tomorrow is forecasted for rain all day, so we shall have to figure out some indoor activities.

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