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Adventure Day: Nuremberg, Germany

Thanks to jet lag Ty and woke up at 4am. Ugh… thankfully though the kids slept till 6. We had a wonderful hotel breakfast. Oh my goodness we had been looking forward to these European breakfasts, and it delivered!

Filled with Nutella!

Then instead of just sitting around in the hotel room, we went out to walk the old town. It was a beautiful day and we had the city to ourselves.

Loved this building!
Lots of beautiful churches in this town but we couldn’t seem to get our timing right when they were actually open.
Mom take my picture!
Statues and fountains everywhere.
This was a fountain/well!
These were the dungeons, that were unfortunately closed while we were in town.
Always climbing something
The old town wall.
Creepy giant rabbit.
Taking a break before the Imperial Castle opens.
The Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg Castle)

The Kaiserburg castle opened and we were some of the first people in there. We got the English audio guides and they were super informative. We were all really glad we paid for them since we learned so much about the history of this castle and how it changed hands and grew over the years since it was first build in the early 1000’s.

The weapons collection was extensive and very interesting.
Look how tall that gun in behind L!
Take a picture with your mother! 😉

After the castle we tried to find a snack nearby but couldn’t. So we decided to go on a tour of the castle tunnels. They have kilometers of tunnels under the castle for defense and transport of people and goods. It was a good tour, but bad timing on our part. We were getting tired and hungry from being up so early. The tour was all in German but the guide gave us an audio set to listen to ourselves. Which was good-ish. It was a ton of detail, honestly an overwhelming amount of detail compared to what he was saying. I couldn’t actually listen to it all. R got freaked out in the tunnels (you’ll note her clinging to me) and L just cold.

He was all about these tunnels, just got cold. It was really chilly underground.
Guarding the castle

After the tour we were desperately trying to find somewhere to eat lunch. Stopping at several places before we landed at a very ho-hum Mexican restaurant. After that we went back to our hotel. The kids vegged out online for a while, and Ty passed out immediately. I tried however it didn’t work for me. So I blogged, and vegged online. We let Ty sleep for a few hours before getting him up around 3 and heading back out again. This day felt so long but it was still only early afternoon! Jet lag joys…

The weather was so warm and wonderful. We walked to the nearby Toy Museum and it was much better than I had expected. They had all sorts of amazing toys and the top floor was a kids area with all kinds of games, toys, and puzzles for the kids to play with.

Incredible doll sets!
Lots of creepy dolls
I wonder how accessible these toys were to the middle and lower class child? Or were these detailed sets just for the upper class?
Massive and very technical train set up.
His dancing partner 🙂
This sign cracked me up! What is it supposed to represent? It’s on a kids playground, so no standing on other people?

We left the Toy museum and everyone was feeling cranky and tired from the long day. I decided I needed some gelato to keep going. It was the perfect reviver!

After this we went and had Indian for dinner. Ty said it was delicious but I didn’t really taste it. I wasn’t even hungry. We finished dinner which was right across from our hotel. Got to our rooms and let the kids relax for about 20 minutes before we turned off the lights on them, about 8pm.

Ty and I stayed up late trying to counteract the jet lag. But I’m not sure it helped.

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