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Adventure Day: Petra, Jordan

This post has been deleted twice now. So I may just skip the writing and add the pictures. Ugh – when technology works it’s great but when it doesn’t it’s maddening!

We thought were going to drive up the back way to the Monastery but apparently our driver was just dropping us off at a back gate. So thankfully this man with three mules was there. Ty hired him to let the kids ride 2 miles back before the stairs up to the Monastery.

After the mules left us we took a snack break before climbing the stairs to the Monastery. We started seeing all the trail workers here. They are creating safety walls along the trail, smoothing it out with concrete in areas, and building steps. All by hand, all several miles in and up on the trail.

Our first view of the Monastery
Just incredible and we had it basically to ourselves!
L always exploring.

From the Monastery we made our way back down to the main area of Petra.

The color of the stones around here are so beautiful.
The views everywhere were incredible.
People still live in the caves in here.
The view from our snack/lunch stop.
Caves everywhere

After our break we walked to explore the tombs.

Isn’t this ceiling beautiful?
Crafty sales display
Can you imagine living in a cave next to this?!

From the tombs we hiked up to view the Treasury from above. It was a lot of steps but the kids did amazing and we listened to some Harry Potter on the climb. Audiobooks always help!

At least this graffiti washes off.
Spy the young 20 year old guy on a mule above us. Weak!
And we spy the Treasury!
This was the busiest area of Petra and it really wasn’t that crowded.
Happy to be headed down.
Past the tombs again.

We came down from the Treasury overlook and walked past the Tombs, the Amphitheater, and headed to the Treasury.

One last selfie in Petra!

We were all pretty tuckered by this point. So we walked the two miles out through the canyon to the entrance.

Was so neat to have walked this in the dark first and now seeing it during the day.
L goes from I’m tired, carry me, to let’s run and play hide and seek!
R was so happy to see her Sweetie one more time.

R and L were entertained with the cat, so Ty and I shopped briefly at the entrance. We managed to find a new mask, and a Christmas ornament. Both items we try and get when were are traveling internationally. It’s fun to keep the tradition going.

The kids managed about 12 miles with the mule ride.
This is what 12 miles looks like! Cracks me up.

We made it back to the hotel for showers and ordered room service for dinner about 5pm. We were starving by that point since we never really had lunch. Then we played some cards and tried to stay awake for our Covid tests that we arranged for 7pm. So nice to have them come to us and we didn’t have to leave the hotel. The guy was late and we were so tired, but finally the hotel got ahold of him and he showed up about 7:30. He did a swab on the back of the kids throats which was miserable for them. He did the deep nasal swab on Ty and I which is so painful. But it was over quickly and he said he’d have the results to us by 8am and waiting at the front desk. So fast and efficient, no idea how they can do that!

After he left we were all quickly asleep, it had been a long but wonderful day.

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