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Adventure Day 2: Luxor, Egypt

Our guide wasn’t able to arrange anything till after lunch today. So we had all morning to hang out. We decided to take some mental health break and Ty booked himself and I a treatment at the spa. We had breakfast with the kids and then Ty let the kids tattoo him while we waited for the spa to open at 10am.

R got one too of course. In addition to a giant one on her thigh.

Then we set the kids up with their kindles in the room. They could watch shows, and play games for the next 2 hours. They were in heaven! It’s wonderful they’re of the age where we can leave them like this for a bit.

Doesn’t this look heavenly?!

Be thankful I’ll spare you photos of Ty and I in paper underwear! First they covered us in mud, then we sat in the dry steam room for a while. After a shower we had a massage for 90 minutes. This was so restorative! After the massage we soaked in the tub and did a final session in the steam room. We felt so refreshed and relaxed after a few hours of no one bugging us, or asking for something. Just a parenting recharge so we can get back to it.

Our guide and driver picked us up at 1:30 and we went directly to lunch. The same restaurant as the day before. It was fine, but our guide assured us we would go somewhere new tomorrow.

Our first stop after lunch was the Karnak Temple. It’s known for the giant pillars. There weren’t very many tourists when we first arrived which was lovely.

It was much colder today. They said it was going to get down to -3 Celsius this evening.
Rams head Sphinx with the king in front.
These were all preserved under sand.
The king with his wife in front.
The famous pillars.
So big!
Classic tourist photo 😉
The colors were still impressive on some.
Getting loopy!
Those are honey bees which represent prosperity.
This pup was right on the head of the Sphinx.

We then explored the open air museum which was right next to Karnak Temple. This was incredible because you could walk right up to the pieces and there were no ropes. A local ‘guide’ attached himself to L and I, and showed us all these great images. For a tip of course. Everyone is always trying to shake you down for money.

We will never get over the craftsmanship!

After Karnak Temple our guide took us to a local papyrus shop. They walked us through the process of how the make the paper and where the images come from.

Tourist trap but this one we asked for and it was way less pushy!
This guy was convinced L was a girl and kept referring to him as a princess. We tried correcting him a couple of times before we gave up.
L got a picture of King Tut and they added his name in hieroglyphs to it.

After the papyrus shop we went to Luxor temple. It was dark now and colder. R was freezing in her skirt and we learned after she got wolf whistled a few times that she needs to cover more of her legs.

The statue on the left was added later, and it’s poorly made. The details are missing, and it’s even standing incorrectly. I asked how that could happen, and our guide said that the workers just didn’t care.

This temple was unique since it has a mosque that was accidentally built right in the middle of it. It was covered in sand when the mosque was built. The city would like to remove the mosque but apparently the person that built the mosque is buried inside it, and it’s quite a famous holy site.

The mosque is on the left.
Beautiful to experience at night.
Spooky kid photo shoot.

After Luxor Temple we headed home for a late dinner by the pool. We were the only ones there for the first part of our meal. Well us and two cats which R was obsessed with. The food here was quick, so good, and not fussy. Just what we needed!

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