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Travel Day: Petra to Dead Sea, Jordan

Today was just a driving day. We were driving from Petra to the Dead Sea. This is 123 miles and estimates about 3.5 hours. We had a good breakfast in the hotel and packed ourselves up.

The kids listened to audiobooks and played some games. Jordan seems very mountainous, anywhere we drove was always up and down high passes.

L was having a hard time about something.

We got to our hotel at the Dead Sea about 2pm and we were so excited. It looked grand and so lovely! But then things started to fall apart. No one gave us a map, no one really explained the food options, and no one was helping guide us to our room. This place was massive. Like a Disney hotel with so many separate outbuildings.

Someone finally sees us wandering around and comes to guide us. I walk into our room and it smells like cigarettes. Additionally the kids room is next to us but not connected. So we call the front desk and they say they have another option and will send someone to us. We wait about ten minutes before we start wandering. One staff members points us towards a building. But we really don’t know where we’re going. Finally a guy in a golf cart shows up and tries to drive us to the building we’re standing next to.

We walk up to these rooms and again they stink like cigarettes. So back to the lobby we go, dragging our bags. The kids are already in their swimsuits since they were dying to get into the pool. Now we’re sitting in the lobby waiting as the manager is having a cleaning crew work on our new rooms.

We get to our third rooms and they finally don’t smell like cigarettes. They’re not totally clean. I have to wipe down both toilets and there are giant holes in the wall around the shower taps. But by now it’s been an hour and we are so over waiting. We also acknowledge these are first world problems, but when you’re constantly moving hotels like we’ve been it’s necessary to feel comfortable.

Ty and I throw our suits on and we head down to the Dead Sea.

This was such a bizarre and fun experience! You literally couldn’t keep your body straight down in the water. You were just so buoyant you floated on the surface. We just kept laughing and bobbing around for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t funny when the kids got some water in their mouths or eyes. Ty had me taste a small drop and it was so salty it was like a chemical flavor. So as long as it didn’t get in your mouth or eyes you were fine.

Like we were sitting in chairs!
Ty and I tried the local ‘special’ mud. It smelled pretty bad.

After the Dead Sea we went to the pool. Which was heated, but only slightly. So I found if I wasn’t moving constantly I was freezing. But then they closed the pool by 4:30 so we weren’t in it for very long.

We never had lunch so after we showered and changed it was 5:30 and we were starving. Ty had paid for some dinner package since there are no options around. But no one explained where or what it was. So we went wandering through the hotel again. Nothing we found was open. Finally we ended up at the fanciest restaurant and the manager helped explained our meal plan. He told us nothing opened till 6:30 but he would call ahead and explain to the other location our kids were starving and could we eat earlier. So kind!

We arrive at the other restaurant at 6pm and the kids are able to get a small bowl of pasta from the buffet. Then we sit down and wait till 6:30. in the meantime other people start pouring into the restaurant obviously hungry as well but we all just have to sit there waiting till finally 6:30 rolls around and they tell us we can get food.

Ty and I both noticed how the waitstaff would pass over us to help others. It wasn’t terrible but it was noticeable since this was the first time it had happened this trip. I’m probably beating a dead horse at this point but this wasn’t our favorite hotel.

After dinner we went back to the room. Snuggled into our bed and watched part of a Christmas movie before bedtime.

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