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Adventure Day: Aqaba, Jordan

L and I got about 10 hours of sleep. It felt amazing! Ty and R struggled a bit and woke up earlier. But still that was a wonderful chunk of sleep for everyone. We had a yummy breakfast in the hotel. Ty and L walked to get water. Then we spent some time relaxing in the hotel. I got caught up on the blog. R rested, and Ty and L played cards. It was a very nice and slow morning. We walked down the street about 11 for an early lunch.

After lunch we drove back down the coast to a new snorkeling site. Ty was still recovering a bit, so he decided to snorkel with the kids and I. We all knew what to expect this time so things went so much more smoothly.

The first site we went to was a sunken tank. It was 16 meters down and the kids took turns trying to dive down to it.

Ty was trying to help L dive deeper.

After the tank we wanted to see a plane that was sunk nearby. L started to get cold by this point. R was feeling junky again. But we convinced them to go see the plane. It was neat, but much deeper and hard to see the details. L started shivering strongly so I swam him back to shore on my back. R wanted to stay 5 more minutes with Ty and the guide.

L and I made it back, got him dried off and warmed up. We went to the beach to look for the rest and they were off snorkeling along the shore. So L and I went beach combing for treasures. We found so many beautiful small shells, and I even found a tiny dried sea horse!

R and Ty stayed out snorkeling for almost another hour! I couldn’t believe it, for how sick R is, when you get her in the water, she turns into a fish.

We ended up back at the hotel, and had some more down time for a few hours. Then we headed out and walked a few tourist shops that were nearby. We also found a pharmacy to get some more medicine for R. Afterwards we found a restaurant for dinner. It just turned out to be the exact same restaurant Ty and his buddy Joe went to when they came through Jordan several years ago.

More yummy juice!

Suddenly on our way back from dinner R pulled out a tooth we didn’t even realize was loose! That was a surprise. When we got back to the hotel she left a note for the tooth fairy, and we snuggled the kids into bed about 8pm. A fairly normal bedtime for once.

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