Travel Day: Doha, Qatar to Athens, Greece

We were all out of sorts about what time it was. Also R slept about 1-2 hours on the 14 hour flight. So everyone needed some sleep! Even though it was 8pm we all crashed out, especially knowing we had a wake up call set for 5:30.

I got a solid 4 hour of sleep before waking up at midnight. Ty slept a while longer and then by 2 everyone was awake and just plugged into devices. We did that for a few more hours, I did nap a bit more. But really sleep is all over the place at this point.

We got up around 4, had some muffins we had brought from Seattle and I made the kids do a 10 minute cardio video on YouTube just so they could move their bodies. Then we packed up and headed to the Qatar lounge for breakfast.

It wasn’t long before we were boarding our next plane to Athens! We knew we were business class but we expected it to be regular seats and not the pods again. We were totally surprised then when we walked on and saw this! Made for a very delightful 5 hours flight.

Love a good sparkling rose and Ty really likes their mint limeade.
Hot chocolate and fresh fruit snack.

We landed at 11:30am, and Ty arranged for a driver to pick us up from the airport. We’ve learned that really reduces the stress of trying to find a taxi, or the hassle over prices. We got to our airbnb and thankfully the room was ready. The kids were just about asleep on the 30 minute drive into the city. So we put everyone to bed for a few hours. Waking up from a jet lag nap is definitely not easy! With a bit of fussing and big emotions we were on our way to the Parthenon.

Our second mission for the afternoon after the Acropolis was to try and find me a swimsuit. So far it seems to be the one thing I forgot. I didn’t think this would be such a tricky thing, in Greece. They’re known for their beaches! However it’s winter time here, and everyone is bundled in down coats, hats, and gloves. So we had to go to a few different stores before someone pointed us in the right direction. We found a store that had about six clearance women’s swimsuits. I’m just thankful I managed to find something that fits!

After finding a swimsuit, everyone was getting pretty exhausted. It was about 5pm so we walked to an Indian restaurant that we remembered from the last time we were here. We ate a quick meal, and walked home. Tucked the kids in bed, and by 7pm I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I fell asleep to Ty working on getting all our Seattle Covid documents uploaded to the Jordan website.

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