Johur Bahru, Malaysia: Adventure Day 2

The kids slept awesome, for about 12 hours straight! I woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck. Perhaps hanging out 24/7 with three sickies has finally caught up with me. We had breakfast in the apartment and then arranged for a driver to pick us up at 9am to go to LEGOland Waterpark!

We got there about 30 minutes before the park opened so we had some time to grab some bakery goodies from a nearby grocery store. R was not a fan of the steak pie (it was actually so yummy!)

This awesome play area was just outside the entrance to the park.

It’s TIME!

The Lego details around here are so neat.

Loved this sign, right as we entered!

This place was crazy dead! The staff all said it was usually their busy time of year, due to Chinese New Year. However, this year due to the Corona Virus, everyone had to cancel their travel plans. Well, this worked out fabulously for us! (Fingers and everything crossed, we don’t contract the virus, for enjoying this side effect) There were literally about ten people in the water park for the entire morning.

We decided to go crazy and rent a cabana. This allowed us to get a safe to lock our phones, and wallets up, and we got two towels for free. Since we didn’t think to bring any. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The only surprise came when Ty started unwrapping the curtains around the cabana. Out flew a ton of BATS!!! Ugh- the lifeguards just thought it was so funny. I was trying to hold it together until Ty found one on his shirt and flung it off onto my head!!!

We all cleansed ourselves with the amazing wave pool right outside, and the super fun water slides! It was such a hot day, and I kept slathering myself and the kids with all the sunscreen I could.

This thing was crazy!

We had another American lunch of burgers, and fries. About this time they started showing a movie above the wave pool, about how LEGOs were created. It was really interesting. Followed by a few Ninjago shows. The kids happily watched these from the coolness of the wave pool. Ty and I enjoyed the break from the sun as well. After a bit then we went and checked out the lazy river, and the splash pad area.

Living the good life!

We had arranged for a ride to pick us up at 6pm and really weren’t sure if that would be way too much time at the Water Park. However, we happily played the whole time. Some of the first to arrive, and definitely some of the last to leave.

This little guy visited us right before we left. 😬

We went straight into the hotel restaurant from being dropped off. Knowing the kids were exhausted from a day of sun and water. The restaurant was a huge buffet of all kinds of food. It was wonderful! The kids were happy to get some pasta and cake.

She is always ready to ham it up for a photo! 😍

Ty convinced me 7pm was too early of a bedtime for me. So he took the kids up to bed and had me get a massage. It was an interesting set up with curtains held closed with an alligator clip, and some disposable undies, but hey for $14 who can be picky?!

I took over kid duty while Ty went out for his massage. Unfortunately L choose that time to start having an asthma attack. It got worse, till 10pm I dosed him with a steroid, his inhaler, and had him in a steamy shower. Thank goodness he finally started to settle down and was asleep by 11pm. It was a much later night than any of us expected. And a touch scary too. I’m hoping this 5 day steroid helps him kick the rest of this junk.

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