Adventure Days · Malaysia

Johor Bahru, Malaysia: Adventure Day

Went to bed about 3am and were delightfully woken up by L at 7am. Considering the kids had a few 4 hour stretches of sleep it made sense. Doesn’t make the day any easier for Ty and I , but those are the prices to pay for travel. We had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel.

Farrah Fawcett should be jealous!

We then made our way to one of the main attractions of this hotel. It has a dinosaur themed ‘water park’ on top of the building. Water park being in quotations since it was quite small. But we had it entirely to ourselves!! We stayed for several hours and still no one ever showed up. It’s crazy!

We stayed at the Dino Park till after noon and then we went back to the apartment with the plan of changing and then getting lunch. However, Ty still being a bit under the weather, laid down for a nap. The kids started coloring, and I was having a wonderful time reading my book. We spent the next few hours this way, it was wonderfully relaxed!

We finally left the apartment about 4pm and headed to the attached mall to shop and get some dinner. We found some knock off Pokemon cards for L. He’s over the moon! We had some fried chicken and tater tots for dinner. 😉 Not exactly local cuisine!

Ty and R decided to get pedicures. I had smashed the top of my foot at the water park otherwise I would have loved to join them. Their deluxe pedicures were only $12!

L was falling asleep in the chair at this point, so he and I walked back to the apartment. Ty and R got a few groceries and then came home.

The kids were asleep by 7pm. I did my best to stay up till 8pm. Ty was able to hang a bit later since he’d taken a nap. But he said he was out by 9pm!

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