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Honolulu, HI to Anchorage, AK: Travel Days

We had two full days in Hawaii before we left at 9pm on the second night. The weather on the first full day sort of cooperated. It wasn’t glorious sunshine, but it wasn’t pouring rain either. We had weird intermittent mists but for the most part we played at the beach. R is a total mermaid! Once she gets in the water she’s there for hours.

When at the beach, you have to build a castle!

I feel the need to explain/justify this photo 🙂 L was getting so cold playing in the ocean and lagoon. So he started sitting in these shallow pools of water on the walkway. They were warmed by the sun, so he was happy. Then we found this one in the parking lot. My first thought was gross, motor oil, and gasoline. However, then I realized it was next to the handicap parking spot. It wasn’t anywhere a car would technically park and it should be relatively clean pavement, so I said sure, go for it! My kids definitely got some looks, as did I. But hey the water was warm, and my kids were happy.

After this we had some lunch, and then went back to the hotel for our afternoon movie watching. L had picked out the Pokemon Detective movie. He and I had watched it before, but R hadn’t seen it. It’s pretty good, if you have a Pokemon fan in your house.

We walked to a local Indian restaurant we had before. This is where it started going down hill. The restaurant sat three other parties before us, even though we had been there first. Then they placed our food order only after we’d sat at the table for another 20 minutes and asked to place our order. The restaurant was busy and they only had two waiters, who didn’t seem to know who had what tables or jobs. So the whole situation was rather frustrating, and we hadn’t brought any of our usual restaurant entertainment techniques with us (cards, pens, books) After that meal it was extremely late, but we decided to turn the night around by treating ourselves to the yummiest ice cream around! And on the way there, I found a pink pool inner tube in the trash! So the evening wasn’t a total failure.

The next day was dreary grey and they had a wind advisory, but R was determined to use her new pool floaty! So we said she had to have a hand on it at all times, otherwise it would have blown away. Then we headed to the hotel pool.

Ty noticed a massage place just down from our hotel. So he called and made us appointments. The kids played in the pool with Ty while I went off for my massage. Then when I came back, Ty went to get his massage, and the kids and I watched a movie. R and I watched the LEGO 2 movie, while L enjoyed some Pokemon show on Netflix. Strangely LEGO movies aren’t his thing.

Ty arranged with the hotel for us to do a late check out at 6pm. The hazards of Hawaii flights to Alaska are they usually leave very late at night, and make hotel check outs tricky. The other thing we’ve done is arranged with the hotel to check out at the normal 11am time, however they let us have a room to shower in, in the evening before our flight. Definitely nice if you spend the day at the beach.

So we went back to Burger & Sushi for dinner, then caught a ride to the airport. It was nice being back on Alaska Airlines. The kids watched shows before we got on the plane. However, once we got on the plane they knew it was time to sleep. L feel asleep pretty quickly, and R wasn’t too much behind him. I was exhausted but had the hardest time getting comfortable. If anyone figures out a way to teach me how to sleep sitting up, I’ll reward you with diamonds and gems I swear!

We arrived back home in Alaska at 5am, and found our our boiler had gone out during the subzero temperatures. Ugh – arriving to a house that was only 24 degrees inside was not exactly the homecoming we envisioned. I snuggled R into her bed with an electric blanket, and L hopped in bed with Ty and I, and two down comforters. Thank goodness Ty was able to restart the boiler, and now we just had to wait for the house to slowly warm up.

Ahh- it’s good to be home!

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