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Tokyo, Japan: Adventure Day 3

We’re definitely hitting a lull in this trip. We’ve been gone two weeks, and we’ve seen lots of sights. It becomes hard to be sightseeing constantly. I think we are craving some regular routine, or activities at this point. So we had breakfast at the hotel, asked for the latest check out we could and relaxed.

R and I went to the spa, and enjoyed the hot tubs, and steam rooms. The guys relaxed, and listened to audio books. Then we researched a few fun shops in a nearby mall, and took off on the subway.

This subway you want the front seats so you can enjoy the view.
This play tube was immediately off the subway, so of course the kids explored it. So simple, but effective.
We stopped into the LEGO store in the mall. We made LEGO people of our family. L chose himself! 🙂

After the LEGO store we went to this 3D picture place. You were supposed to get all these amazingly weird photos using their backdrops. We failed pretty miserably! You had to stand perfectly in order to get the shots, and trying to explain that to kids, not worth it. So we will enjoy our hilariously not 3D photos.

This perspective one, isn’t bad.
Calmly fighting ninjas
We made that look seamless right??!

We were pretty over things by this point. So we went back to our hotel, grabbed our bags, before getting back on the subway. We’re planning on going to Tokyo Disney for the next few days, and it’s in Southern Tokyo. So we relocated to a hotel closer to Disney. This took us three subway/monorails, and a taxi.

We did find this super yummy udon noodle, hole in the wall, in the subway station!

Watching them cook our noodles fresh.
The bowl on the left is tempura chicken, with mayo on top, and a poached egg, all over rice. Interesting combo, and we all would have done without the mayo but over all quite yummy!

I’m so proud of my kids for being such troopers. This food, and the daily travels on subways, walking everywhere, these are all so different from our daily lives. But they’ve gotten into the routine of it all. They may whine and complain at times, but for the most part they’re so good about it. They find ways to entertain each other, pester each other, and generally just get along. It took a bit for them to remember how to play with each other but now they’re best pals again.

Tomorrow brings the craziness of Disney. I’m excited but nervous it’s going to be over the top crowded. Fingers crossed!

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