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Tokyo Disney, Japan: Adventure Day 2

Today we are off to explore a new Disney park, called Disney Sea. I have no idea if there are other Disney Sea locations but this is supposed to be the more adult side of Tokyo Disney. Ty has been planning these park days, staying up late researching Fast Passes, and the best way to get around.

We ate breakfast at the hotel and caught the 8:20 bus to Disney Sea. They don’t open till 9 so we waited in line about 15 minutes again. Once we were in the gates, Ty was off running across the whole park to get Fast Passes for Indiana Jones.

The kids and I rented the wheel chair again, and then walked the the giant volcano in the middle of the park to meet him at Journey to the Center of the Earth.

It was cold today! But it hadn’t started raining yet, so that was nice. The ride Journey to the Center of the Earth was the longest wait time we had at 40 minutes. It was totally worth it too!

From here we went to Indiana Jones, and it was another amazing ride! A bit intense for the kids, but Ty and I really loved it.

Super well done decor
Don’t know what they’re in for!
So this is a show that’s super popular in China and Japan. We’ve never heard of this before! Is this even in the US? Looks cute, and it’s set in Cape Cod.
Definitely raining now. We were so thankful we borrowed two more umbrellas from the hotel.
We took the kids on the Tower of Terror. They were not amused. Both were pretty freaked out by the special effects. The ride was fun though!
When we got out of the Tower of Terror, the wind was blowing the rain sideways. It was cold and pretty miserable. We tucked both kids into the wheelchair (which is against the rules in Japan) and covered them with two umbrellas. So they stayed dry on our way across the park.
We rode this Nemo ride three separate times! It was a great way to get out of the rain, and it was different each time. Granted, we had no idea what they were saying, but still cute.
We were eating a snack in a tunnel to avoid the rain, and to feed some pigeons. This was when the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was glorious!
We rode 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea twice! I think the kids are trying to be volcanos here.
These two are pose masters!

We rode a few smaller kid rides in the Ariel/Under the Sea area.

Mermaids = happiness
Some Sebastian Concert featuring Ariel (all in Japanese) but the shows are still fun.
Back and forth across the park a few more times.
Toy Story area!
They flew the carpets while I rested in the wheelchair. 🙂
We saw a few characters just walking around today.
This was the only one R wanted a picture with.
Just such neat details that Disney does.
This ride was really fun! But people were waiting 3 hours this morning to go on this 5 minute ride. That’s crazy!
This show was in English! And we got to see all the characters.

It was getting cold and late. The kids were starting to meltdown a bit. But we had one more ride. We convinced them to do Indiana Jones again! It was a great ride, but R went through it with her eyes closed, and her ears covered. L just got done and said, never again!

So we decided to call it a night at a decent hour and catch the 6:35 shuttle bus to the hotel.

Tired kiddos.

Back to the hotel, for showers, and to prepare for our last day in Japan tomorrow! We’re trying to figure out if we do Disney Sea, or Disneyland or a combo of both. We don’t leave till 11pm so we’ve got one last full day of rides ahead of us.

Popcorn Side-note: The new flavors we saw today were garlic shrimp, black pepper, matcha-white chocolate, and strawberry. Oh but we did see just a plain salt today as well! The Japanese are certainly adventurous with their popcorn flavors.

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