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Tokyo Disney, Japan: Adventure Day 1

Today’s a big day, we hit up Tokyo Disney today! We got up at 7 to get the 8am bus to Disney. Breakfast at the hotel was quite the spread. We got to the gates about 8:45 and waited in giant lines for the gates to open at 9. Ty had been furiously researching the best ways to do fast passes, and how to track line times. So when we got through the gates, he bolted to try and get us show tickets, and fast passes. Meanwhile the kids and I rented a wheelchair for $5. We used one in Shanghai Disney and it fit both the kids, vs. the difficult to use typical child stroller rental that costs more and only fits one kid.

Navigating the crowds, like always.

We meet up with Ty at Space Mountain. Usually one of my favorites but this one was almost entirely dark for the entire ride. Definitely not as exciting, as the US version.

From here, Ty again bolted off to get more fast passes and we meet him at some train/roller coaster ride. (I’m terrible with these names)

Castle under construction, two non-injured kids in a wheelchair. Whatever!
If you think this is funny, you should see the video…
R had to have the horse with roses.
I am riding a stallion.
He had no interest in the carousel.
Monster’s Inc. – not really worth it.
Teacup time with L.
It’s a Small World
This version has Disney characters in it!
After surviving Splash Mountain
Teacup time with R.
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
These pig hats were hilarious and so awful at the same time!
I barely made the photo!
R being a pesty sister.

We rode a few boats/trains/canoes in the afternoon. It started raining around lunchtime so we were open to anything that was covered and allowed us to sit down.

Final ride was Splash Mountain
Ty found us a fancy buffet for dinner. The food was so good!
How fancy are these?!

We decided to wrap up our dinner quickly and race for the hotel shuttle that was arriving in 15 minutes. Rather than wait till almost 9pm for the next one. We run through the park, and return the wheelchair. We get outside the gates and Ty notices L isn’t wearing his raincoat. UGH! Ty talks his way back into the park, sprints to the restaurant and back to the bus with a minute to spare. I’m so thankful he realized about the coat when he did, and we didn’t lose it!

The kiddos were exhausted.
L asleep with the giant popcorn container around his neck!

Side note: so we got the fancy popcorn container that you can refill for $5 a pop. #suckers But the majority of their popcorn stands were flavors that weren’t really appealing to us. They had curry, soy sauce and butter, corn potage (no idea), chocolate, honey, and caramel. We never did find just plain popcorn.

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