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Tokyo, Japan: Adventure Day 2

Another amazing night of sleep, and yet another up and down morning. Super yummy breakfast helps make everything better though.

We got ready and headed to the subway. We were going to a castle and a playground. It was cold around 40 degrees but beautiful in the sun. So we decided to start with the playground. It was not in the sun, nor very fun…

This was it, unless you wanted a sand box.

So Ty found us another playground. It looked glorious and bright from the distance. Then we noticed a worker at a gate. It was a freaking pay to play place. What. The. Heck. But we were there, so of course we paid to get in. We were definitely some of the oldest kids there, but whatever. Beautiful day, the kids were having fun, all that jazz.

So bizarre…
The roller slide was super popular, but according to Ty, it was a good one. Nice and fast!

From here we took the train to the Shibuya station. It has the Shibuya Crossing intersection, at which 3000 people cross at a time! The busiest intersection in the world. Well we had to see that.

Not as impressive at ground level.
This was a slow crossing.

From here we walked to the Meiji Shrine. The kids were not stoked to be going to another temple. But when in Japan.

Coming up with new poses, and L said he was giving an exhausted peace sign 😆
Sake offerings
Wine offerings!
So many people, and so much the same.

We might sound ungrateful but it being such a HUGE holiday for this country the mobs of people definitely diminish the splendor. It’s hard to appreciate when someone with a bullhorn is directing traffic.

So we came, we walked through, and we moved on. Takeshita Street is famous for its Harijuku and it’s tourist shops. Which means it was wall to wall with people!

We walked the street and saw maybe two people really dressed up. Then we quickly went to Kiddy Land this 4 story crazy toy store. I wished we had time to really explore it but we had about ten minutes before we had to head to our dinner activity. We made reservations for the Robot Restaurant. It’s totally bizarre and we questioned whether it’d be too much for the kids. But it actually was worth the hassle and the kids really had a good time.

Their decor is crazy over the top!
Not sure what we’ve signed up for!
L didn’t touch his sushi meal. Ty and R couldn’t handle that they put wasabi under every seafood. So the food was a bit lackluster.
So bizarre but fun!
This girl was way into it!
Ultimate battle between the robots and the surviving humans of course.
Final song of world peace and friendship. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Globe skirt, why not!
These fish hats were killing me!

It was about 7pm when we got out from the show. So back to the subway we went after a long day.

What amazes me is there is an entire city underground here! We can walk for miles without coming up. We can shop, or buy groceries. we go down and up several escalators to get to other subway lines. It’s an incredible feat of engineering to think about all this underneath a giant city.

This kid walked nearly 30k steps today!
Site word guessing games.

The kids got to bed late and our plan to go swimming tomorrow was foiled by pool maintenance. So we shall see what the day brings.

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