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Tokyo, Japan: Adventure Day 1

Everyone slept in well, except for Ty apparently I had no clue, I was sleeping 🙂

The hotel breakfast was super swanky, of course! They have three separate restaurants and seemed to be putting all the families in one. Which was totally find with us, since then we worry less about our kids bothering others.

This was from the bonus menu, after the amazing buffet. We tried French toast, Dutch baby with fresh cream and fruit, and a lobster omelet. I can’t imagine getting used to a life this elegant!

Beautiful day, and view from our room.

Our plan today was to hit up the Natural History and Science Museum and the Ueno Zoo, since they’re in the same area.

Documenting the crazy.
Guess the number or word, on your hand. Trying for quiet subway games.
More beautiful manhole covers.
Apparently you can do anything in Tokyo!
This sea turtle was incredible! It doesn’t even capture it’s scale.
Just outside the museum was this amazing sculpture.
We watched this impressive street performer. But all the jokes were definitely lost in translation for us.
The zoo was decent, but it definitely bottle necked in certain areas.

We really hadn’t eaten lunch, just surviving on snacks at this point. But we again made the decision to go on to one more site vs. heading back to the hotel. We did veto any more temples. We are so temple’d out!

Just outside of the zoo, we came across this random flea market. It was perfect! We were hoping to grab a kimono for R, since she is all things fashionable! But we didn’t want to fall for the tourist trap ones. We came across a vendor selling these for $5.50! It was such a bargain, I got one for myself too. We could have gotten long ones but it wouldn’t have fit R, and when would I wear that. But as a stylish short coat? Sure maybe I can pull that off at least once a year. R is over the moon and couldn’t wait for me to ‘put it on the blog!’ 😉 She is so dang awesome!

Back on the subway, and at rush hour!

We made our way over to this famous shopping street in the Asakusa shopping area, and tried to find ourselves a mask. We’ve gotten gifts for the kids, we’ve gotten Christmas ornaments, but what we’d really like is a great Japanese mask! All we’ve come across are these plastic masks, or paper ones that are really expensive for how cheap they are. So that’s been frustrating.

This area was CRAZY busy with people. Like a keep a hand on my kids at all times, busy. Not where we like to hang out at all! So we walked down most of the street, turned around, and walked back up the other side. Stopping once to buy a couple of food yummies.

No idea how the melon is involved but it was DELICIOUS!
We immediately bought one more!
When we got back to the hotel, the kids had this super sweet treat waiting for them. A nice note from a staff member, who has been above and beyond kind with them, along with some cookies.
We wrapped the day up with an evening swim!

Ty took the brunt of this shift, playing in the pool, while I got some much needed alone time. I enjoyed the hot tub, sauna, and steam room in the ladies locker room. Felt so wonderful, not to be needed for 20 minutes.

Then we got everyone out, and showered before heading up to the executive suite to try and score some free dinner. We got there about 7:15, the bad news was they had no tables for 20 minutes, and it closes at 8pm. We were already pushing a late bedtime, but we were committed now. Nothing to do but wait…

We finally got a table about 7:40, scrapped together a few plates, and lots of bread. Hoping to fill everyone up as much as possible. They shut it down right at 8pm, and we grabbed a last slice of bread/glass of wine before heading back our room for bedtime.

It was a long day, but didn’t feel like we accomplished much. The kids would just be happier if we stayed at the hotel, to swim and eat. But when in Tokyo! We must explore a bit more tomorrow, before we make time for Tokyo Disney…

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