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Osaka to Kyoto, Japan: Travel Day

We were shooting to catch the train to Kyoto about 10am. So the morning wasn’t rushed. We made pancakes and scrambled eggs. FaceTimed with family, and cleaned everyone up before we packed our bags.

Here’s how we roll, without a roller bag. We have three backpacks. We tried not to even bring one for the kids, but it’s nice to corral their blankets, and headphones. I wear the Patagonia small duffle on my front. Ty has the the other two small duffles, he balances out one in each hand usually. It’s easier now that we are wearing our cold weather clothes, we can get all our stuff into the three bags. I sure appreciate being able to use a roller bag, so everything isn’t literally hanging on us, however, this really isn’t a hard way to get around.

We had to take two separate subway lines to get to the train station in Osaka. Their subway system, is definitely one of the toughest to navigate, from what I could tell. Nothing was very straightforward. The train to Kyoto took just 30 minutes.

This was a HUGE train station! We stashed our bags in a locker, since we couldn’t check in to our home yet. Off we went in search of playgrounds, lunch, and temples.

Such an interesting tree.
Blew out the knee of these pants the first time he put them on, on this trip. Ugh- but when you only bring three pants, you have to just keep using them.
These roller slides seem common in Japan. Also they’re really fun!
We need something like this for our bike adventures! 🙂 Pretty incredible, how common these kid carriers are, and they’re electric bikes, so it makes it manageable. Why can’t we do stuff like this in the US?

Lunch was at the one and only restaurant we could fine. But it turned out lucky for us, because it was so delicious! Then off to find some temples.

Massive structures
Amazing light fixtures.
You have to take off your shoes to enter these temples. They have plastic bags for you to put your shoes in. Ty and I tried to not waste another plastic bag, so we were just carrying our shoes around. Apparently this is not allowed, since a little security lady scampered up to us and shoved plastic bags at us. When in Japan…
She is so strong!
Just tucked into a nook, in the middle of a normal street.
Playground break!
Ty posing like a native!
We don’t even try and blend in. 🙂

We went back to the train station, to get our bags. Then we walked to our house. It’s more of a traditional Japanese home, with sliding doors, mats on the floor, and even has an outdoor soaking tub!

L gave it a test run!

We dropped off our stuff and walked to a nearby mall for dinner. It also has a grocery store inside it, so we’re all set!

We tried the sushi train for dinner. It was more like an appetizer.

We then got the biggest naan ever for the rest of our dinner 🙂 We watched people at the arcade for a bit, before we got some breakfast food for tomorrow, and walked home. The kids tested out the soaker tub before bed.

Tiny tub for two!

The kids were in bed by 8, and per our usual Ty and I were asleep before midnight on New Years Eve. Why should we break tradition now?

Happy 2020 from Japan!

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