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Kyoto, Japan: Adventure Day

Everyone slept till at least 7am, which was wonderful! We slowly got up and started our day with pancakes, made one at a time in a pot. I guess most people don’t bother cooking when they’re on vacation, but at least this place has some forks and knives.

Ty got the bikes tuned up as best he could. He still sacrificed himself, and took the bike who’s tire rubbed. He literally squeaked his way all over this town. He said it was like riding uphill and underwater at the same time. 🙂 So glad it was him and not me!

Brought the bike pump, and it came in handy!
We folded up a towel for the kids, to sit on the bike racks. Totally legit!

We were headed to this area full of temples, bamboo forests, and a monkey park. Sounded awesome! Was actually jam packed full of tourists. I think I was so surprised because we really haven’t run into too many other tourists so far. We shopped a bit, spied a few temples but didn’t pay to go in, then walked the super busy bamboo forest.

L was so proud of this pose!
Cropping out the crowds.
Lunch was some so-so Japanese fast food, that we ate on some steps. Much to the amusement of the crowds walking by us.
I have 6 layers on top, 2 pants, and a hat on. My kids could barely be bothered to keep their coats zipped!
Real shot of the crowds of people.
Beautiful, when you crop them out!
Which way is the right way, your fingers should face? Does that matter in Japan?
You could hire a rickshaw, and you would be pulled around town by a guy running. Seemed totally brutal, and I could never imagine making a guy run my lazy butt around! I gave the people a pass if they seemed old at least.

At this point we tried to go to the monkey park, but it was closed today for New Years. Lame. So instead we got some ice cream!

We were close enough to the city castle that Ty decided we should ride by there on the way home. It also happened to have a playground right next to it. We stopped at the playground first, and then never went to the castle. It was starting to get dark, and riding bikes without lights in the dark would be a bad idea. Instead we rode home.

Seesaws for life, with this girl!

We went back to the mall food court for dinner. We’re all about the mall food court when we travel. There’s variety of food available to make everyone happy and it’s usually not too expensive. Though tonight Ty and I did share a steak dinner. They give it to you on a crazy hot skillet, and you finish cooking it how you like it. So yummy! The kids had naan and butter chicken again. Then they spent some time at the arcade watching the craziness.

So they have this special arcade version of Pokémon Go, just in Japan. L wants so badly to play but you have to have these Pokémon chips (like digital cards) and no way we’re buying him digital cards, that he can’t do anything with outside of Japan. So now he just lingers around and watches.

The kids are in bed, only one is asleep. Ty and I have each enjoyed the massage chair, and the outdoor soaker tub. Feels good on tired biking muscles.

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