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Okinawa, Japan: Adventure Day 2.

We slept hard! No one moved till 9am. It was glorious! Breakfast in the hotel was wonderful again. Then our plan was to head to Okinawa World which has a caves, crafts, and local music shows.

The cave was beautiful and large.

R was not a fan of the cave.
This cracks me up!

After the cave, we hustled over to the kimono shop! They let you choose a kimono (not sure if boy’s outfits are called that?) and then they dress you up for pictures. R has been wanting to do this since we found out it was an option all over Japan. So glad we could make this work! These two are the cutest. I love how it turned out.

Everyone wanted sack of potatoes
Subtle Americans, coming through!

We then watched a traditional drumming show. It was beautiful and so loud! Pictures and videos were strictly prohibited. Afterwards, Ty had signed the kids up to paint Shisha dog figurines.

L was so happy to be in a pile of snakes.

We ordered some lunch of soup, rice, a sausage/hot dog, fried cheese, a funky pizza, and a beer for me!

Our last activity that we signed up for with our tickets was a tea tasting. We figured we would learn how to make tea. Instead we got served, two cups of this foam alongside to molasses cookies. The lady told me to take a bite of the foam and then some cookie to sweeten it. Totally funky and unique!

R’s first reaction! It was really bitter.

To get the bitter tea taste out of our mouths, we had to get some pineapple ice cream, of course!

It was so sweet, I scraped half of mine into the trash. The kids didn’t have any such issues though!

There was so much more we could have done here. They offered paper making, indigo dyeing, traditional music lessons, and more. Definitely a fun place to stop. We had plans to meet Katrina and her family at the zoo at 4:30, since they’re having a winter lights program. But we had some time to kill in between Okinawa World and then. So we found this park she had recommended. It was incredible! Two giant tarp/trampoline areas, and down low has a small zip line. We never even got down there.

Kids wonderfully are instant friends.
Questionable Angel
Regal Angel
Silly girls!
The whole wonderful crew!
They had a snow making machine blowing it into the air. It was so bizarre and wonderful!
Linc snuck in here first, so then we convinced the other kids to follow his lead. We’re equal parts awesome/cheap/bad parents for endorsing this. 🙂
The bag was almost as big as he was!

The parents were starting to get hungry, and the kids a bit fussy. So we decided to take off for a restaurant for dinner. Katrina and Ty thought they had the same restaurant marked on the map. They didn’t… so we ended up driving an extra 30 minutes further to a different restaurant by the same name. Finally turning data on my phone to figure out where we each were, and then scraping the dinner plans all together. The kids were melting down on both sides, and we needed to wrap this night up.

We walked down the block to a Lawson’s (like a quickie mart) and picked up chicken nuggets, chicken patties, and hash browns for our dinner. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

The drive home went relatively quickly because we’d already gone so far down the island. So we had the kids and ourselves tucked into bed by 9pm.

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