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Osaka, Japan to Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Travel Day

Our flight to Taiwan wasn’t till 11:30am, so we had plenty of time to sleep in. Had we been able to. Ty and L woke up around 4am, R and I woke up a few hours later. So we cleaned up, packed up, and headed back into the airport.

Once we had checked into our flight, we figured out where we could use our Priority Pass.

I think we ordered about three of everything!

The kids are doing so-so on going with the flow of Asian food. It’s definitely not what they’re used to so we get some fussing. However, they do realize this is what we have available so if they’re hungry, they’ll eat.

Definitely no cartoon bombs allowed 🙂

They have these water dispensers around, and even offer hot water. Which I love! However, these overly detailed signs are cracking us up. Who would gargle?!

We flew Tiger Air, which was fine. We had more weight allowance than on Air Asia.

A little pre-takeoff UNO

The flight was an easy few hours. Then we landed in beautiful, and warm Kaohsiung.

We got thorough customs much more quickly than in Osaka, which was nice. Then we hopped on the subway system and headed to our hotel.

L wanted a unicorn horn!

Our stop is the same as the famous Dome of Light. They have several light shows a day in this subway stop. We didn’t time our arrival with a show however. Hopefully later we can see it.

R trying to take a photo with a pesty brother 🙂

We walked ten minutes to our hotel, and got checked in. Then we realized they had a happy hour of free appetizers by this time. So we went to the cafe and enjoyed some ice cream and toast.

We went back to the room for a bit. Ty and L were pretty exhausted from their early morning antics. So we let them power nap for 30 minutes till 6pm.

Nothing easy about trying to wake up a kiddo who’s jet lagged. L was pretty miserable for the next ten minutes or so. But the night market was open and just down the road from us, so we went to check it out.

This was such a fun experience! So many weird/unknown foods. So many live sea creatures just waiting to be eaten.

The claw toy that’s filled with live shrimp!?!
Lots of squid and we’ve collected those horn snails in beaches before!
So many people, noise, and smells.
Duck tongue and wings.
What are these white fruits?
More unknown fruits!
Quail eggs with shrimp in ball form.
We played this balloon dart game at the end.

We had some fried chicken, and fried sweet potato balls. Then let the kids play the dart game.

On our way back to the hotel we kept noticing these amazing men’s suits. We seem to be in a wedding dress, fancy menswear area.

So cool!

Ty needs one of these suits!

We got back to the hotel, and all happily snuggled into bed.

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