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Shanghai, China to Anchorage, AK: Travel Day

We had flight around noon. So it was a nice relaxing morning at the hotel.

Sure lay on the floor as long as you’re quiet!

There was no way we were going to be inconspicuous with this kid around.

Yep man pony with a feather from the zoo stuck in it!

Security was like three separate sections and if you travel with kids enough you realize quickly that there are no bathrooms in the security areas. 😬

Yep L totally had to go. Thanks to Nana for sacrificing her plastic bottle.

Ty at least took him to a secluded area 😆

We finally get through security and you realize how giant this airport is, when it has over 500 gates!!!

So glad we were at gate 200.

Thankfully Ty found us a lounge that accepts Priority Pass. So we went, got some yummy food, and mom and I enjoyed a quick glass of bubbly.

This lady made me soup to order! So good!
Everyone cheers!

After a quick bite we headed to our gate.

Right before L banged his cart into someone else 🤦🏻‍♀️
It’s been fun Shanghai!

The flight from Shanghai went relatively smoothly. They had issues with the majority of their seat screens. They kept stopping or shutting down. I got miserably uncomfortable and was so tired by the end. Seemed like Delta’s seats were just a bit awkward.

Landed in Seattle and had time to get some food and stretch our legs. Of course the pilots were so nice on the flight to Anchorage and invited the kids into the cockpit.

Yep the feather stayed in for over 24 hours of travel!

It was so nice to land back in Anchorage. China was fun but very quick! So glad we have more time on our next adventure.

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