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Disneyland Shanghai, China: Adventure Day 5

So today is my birthday! The kids wanted to celebrate me but didn’t have any gifts. So they made a spa experience for me.

We scheduled our shuttle nice and early at 8:30am and staff made sure we knew the driver leaves right at 8:30. We’ll they weren’t messing around. The doorman was rushing us out the door when we got off the elevator. A mans wife almost got left behind. It was a little nuts! Considering he’s driving us to Disneyland. 😄

We decided to rent a wheelchair for my mom today. She’s totally mobile but walking nonstop for ten miles gets a bit exhausting. We told her even if she’s not using it I’m sure the kids will appreciate taking a break. It was the best decision we made!

We started the day off meeting Mickey!

We brought an extra pair of socks today to stuff into L’s shoes. Just to give his heels a little lift. My mom was horrified L wasn’t going to be safe but knowing how the ride worked and the 2 mm difference we were sure he would be fine.

We got him on Tron! He loved it. His first big roller coaster and he acted like it was no big deal.

We accidentally got escorted to the good seats because they saw our wheelchair.

We of course had to enjoy some treats.

Cup of hot water to balance out the ice cream 😄
L wasn’t interested in meeting Spider-Man.
R taking a break in Alice’s Maze.
We did a tour of the castle.

R and Ty spilt up to go meet a Princess. L wasn’t interested so we hung out at the Marvel area.

Belle was so sweet with R.

It was freezing at this point and late. So we rode Tron one more time and then went back for dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

L convinced the staff to sing to me!

We timed it so when we walked back to the shuttle we could watch the fireworks.

It was a wonderful, long, cold, day, filled with fun memories. A great way to end our time in Shanghai.

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