Disneyland Shanghai, China: Adventure Day 4

Yep! Today was the day we check out Disneyland Shanghai. Ty was up early with the kids so I got to sleep in. They put the Christmas decorations up today.

Our plan was to take the subway over to the Disneyland station then walk to our hotel. We also knew our hotel didn’t serve breakfast so we wanted to grab a few items on the way there.

But first we saw these guys practicing the Chinese Yo-yo. They were so neat! R said her gym teacher has these too.

We jumped off after a few stops to where Ty had found a grocery store. Left the kids and Nana perched on our suitcases in the subway and said we’d be back soon.

Of course the grocery store wasn’t open for a few more hours. But we managed to find enough food at a quickie mart to make it work. We also saw this which we remember seeing in Thailand. Still blows our minds!

What exactly is Dried Meat Floss?!

We rode the subway for quite a while. I think Disneyland is near the airport and the end of the line. We got off and started walking. The luggage situation for this trip was totally different from our usual, go as small as possible routine. We decided to pack just one large suitcase for our family. That way we’d have just one bag to handle. We brought a packable duffle with the intent of getting souvenirs, but never really saw any. So Ty pulled our suitcase and I pulled my mom’s as we walked the twenty minutes or so to our hotel.

We checked into the hotel. Ty got mom’s room upgraded to one with a kiddie tent in it and Peppa Pig blankets. The kids were thrilled. We were so thankful Nana kept taking the kids in her room. 😄

The hotel had this cool kids play area too.

We had a bit of a snack, threw on all our clothes and grabbed the shuttle to Disneyland! We got there a bit after noon. So there was no line to get in. The weather was also cold and grey so there really wasn’t any crowd.

This ropes course was so fun!
Tron! This was the only real roller coaster and our favorite. Poor Linc was a mm too short so we came up with a plan to get him on tomorrow.
Peter Pan – always fun!
Hunny Pots
Pouring rain at this point, it was so cold!

Soaking wet and still in her happy place.

Frozen was everywhere!

It was dark, cold, and raining by this point so we decided to call it a night. The rides weren’t exactly fun in the rain, unless they were indoors. We left Disney and walked to the restaurants in Disneytown. We headed straight for Cheesecake Factory. As soon as Ty saw that on the list of restaurants we knew we were headed there! Sometimes when traveling outside the US it’s nice to have a taste of home.

I forgot how humongous their portions are though. Mom and I should have split our meal. But that didn’t stop us from bringing home a few slices of cheesecake.

We had to rush our meal a bit to make sure we caught the shuttle bus back to the hotel. We didn’t even stay late enough for the fireworks at 8pm.

Back to the hotel for some cheesecake, and warm beds. We weren’t too worried about not doing everything at Disneyland, since we knew we were going back tomorrow!

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