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Shanghai, China: Adventure Day 1

L woke up the earliest at 4am, but the rest of us were up by 6. So we had an interesting breakfast in the hotel. Mostly local food with a few mini pancakes and croissants in there to feed the kids.

The interesting things you find in your hotel room in China. Actually makes a lot of sense!

We decided to just get out and explore so we took the subway to the People’s Park.

They predominately had stairs to walk down and the escalator to ride up. Keeps people active!
Umbrellas for rent!
There was no way we could possibly blend in. 😉
L loved taking photos!
Various meats (?) on a stick…

We came across a small kids amusement park, so of course we had to try the roller coaster. The sad thing was we didn’t realize, it was super expensive so this was our only ride.

We walked through more of the garden and I came across this super clean and brilliant public bathroom.

Tells you when it’s vacant, or not. Shows it’s a squatty potty or Western style.
They provide cell phone shelves in the stall. No more back pocket, phones in the toilet, mishaps!

We came across the most beautiful topiary fountain. We were lucky enough to time it with their water show. The city of Shanghai does a beautiful job placing topiaries around the city.

Proof, Nana was there!
The weather was beautiful this day. Little did we realize this would be our only sunny and warm day.
The music piped in for the fountain show came from these amazing planters.
Interesting addition to a beautiful statue.

We shopped in an underground mall for a bit before making our way over to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. This thing was neat but it cost $70 just for one person to go up in it! Obviously we decided against this.

You ask for one nice photo 🙂
Someone missed the memo 🙂
This area was really neat. It had a circular walkway around it that kept the pedestrians out of the way of the vehicles.
Just incredible topiaries!

We walked around the intersection and then headed toward the Bund, the river walkway. We got sucked into the tourist trap, that was the sightseeing tram. Sounded like a great way to have a neat view of the city. It turned out, to be inside a tunnel that went underground.

You hop in your own little car and off you go, down Willy Wonka’s crazy boat ride!
The less than stellar view from the Bund walkway.

We needed food at this point. Something quick was best. So we found a little soup and dumpling place, pointed to things on the menu, and hoped for the best.

One soup and two orders of dumplings. It was delicious but only two of us are proficient with chopsticks, and we only had two spoons for five people. We were quite the spectacle. It makes sense why the Chinese people eat directly over their plates and bowls. We left that table a total mess!

We walked around the People’s Square and tried to do some shopping. We were at a difficult crossroads in the day. We were jet lagged, and tired, however if we went back to the hotel we’d throw off our evening schedule. So we sucked it up and decided to just keep on plugging away. This way we could stay out till 4 and head back to the hotel for an early dinner and bedtime. International travel struggles…

This little shop had EVERYTHING!
This was all different types of dried seafood, I think.
Look at all those desserts!

We took the subway over to the Shanghai Natural History Museum. One thing we noticed about the subways was that people were very respectful of my mom or myself with the kids. The majority of the time someone would stand up and offer us a seat. It was very impressive! That and the fact that it was so clean.

Beautiful architecture
We were ready to sit down and watch a 3D movie at the museum. It was entirely in Chinese but hey, we enjoyed the video anyway!
We love natural history museums! No matter what country you’re in, they’re always good.

Exhaustion fully hit by this point. So we rushed through the last two floors of the museum. There was so much to see, we could have easily spent an entire day here.

We took the subway back to our hotel. The kids were starving and we scrambled to find some food for them before we got back to the hotel and they would pass out. So we went to a convenience store just out of our subway stop. We got them chicken skewers, and yogurt. Dinner of champions! 🙂

Just outside the store was this guy with a portable furnace. It had all kinds of drawers built into the front of it. Mom figured out that he was selling hot roasted sweet potatoes. Seemed so at odds to see something so rural and such a throw back in lifestyle in such a big modern city. We saw these guys a few more times throughout our stay and they always had customers.

We got the kids in bed and they passed out within moments. The hotel we were at had an executive lounge just one floor up from us. So we took turns going up and having a meager dinner of salad, white rice, and some bland cookies. The free wine was their redeeming quality!

I think we were all asleep before 9pm, it had been a very fun but long day.

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