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Negumbo, Sri Lanka to Doha, Qatar: Travel Day

We left the hotel about 8 in the morning for our flight to Doha, Qatar! Ty especially was super stoked for this leg of our journey because we were flying Qatar Airlines this time. They’re apparently the swankiest of swanky international airlines.

This flight was just five hours which in the grand scheme of our trip was a short leg. 😆

Practically had this section to ourselves!
Why can’t every flight be like this?
So this was the private customs area for Qatar business class customers. It’s a giant lounge with newspapers, a smoking lounge, coffee and juice. Along with our own private customs agent!

We got out of customs, grabbed our suitcases, and our boxed up elephant, then had a driver take us to our hotel. Ty arranged this ahead of time and it was so nice not having to try and navigate the taxi service.

We got to our hotel, which was again, amazing! Then we decided to head out walking. There are lots of incredible museums in Doha, but we just weren’t feeling it. So we headed out into the 100+ degree heat to walk. Makes sense right?!

There was a lagoon that was surrounded by these beautiful museum buildings and you could see the city skyline from this path. It was beautiful, and a total sweat fest!
Perhaps not our most photogenic moment.
Famous Peal Statue
That incredible building is a mosque.

From the water area we walked to the Old Market shopping area. Looking for our usual, Christmas ornaments, a mask, and possible gifts for kids.

Random statue of a giant thumb!

This guy was everywhere! Buildings, signs, posters, stickers. Not to be totally ignorant but we assume it was the king or prince…
There were different market areas and we found these baby turtles with their shells painted in the animal market. So bizarre!

I was feeling pretty dehydrated and wiped of energy at this point. We’d walked for a few hours in the heat of the day and I couldn’t drink enough water. We’d thankfully found a few souvenirs and made our way back to the hotel.

Ty had found us a fancy restaurant that was at the top of a tower and rotated, so we had to get ready. It was our final night of vacation and we were going to have a celebratory dinner.

Dinner was wonderful but we were pretty exhausted. So it was back to the hotel, and pack up for our early morning drive to the airport. Tomorrow we really start the long journey home.

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