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Doha, Qatar to Anchorage, AK: Travel Day (a long one!)

It was such a beautiful sunrise. The driver even pulled over so we could take photos.

Nothing like walking into a red carpeted area with staff waiting to take your suitcases and guide you directly to a waiting staff member to check you into your flight. The service we have received as business class travelers has been incredible.

Super famous and odd statue in the Qatar airport. Bear with a lamp on his head.

So since we’d had such an amazing experience with the business class lounge in Dubai, we were expecting an equal if not greater experience in the lounge in Qatar. (Please remember the champagne lounge) We were going to the Qatar Airlines lounge, and this is their hub.

Now this is where we may come off sounding snobby (I’ll totally own that) The lounge was super disappointing. There was a restaurant you could sit at but it was totally packed. There were a few tea and coffee stations, with a couple of croissants. However that was it for food. Also it was JAM PACKED! We had to walk through the whole area and finally stalked a couple that was packing up just to find two seats. It seemed like they’d let in way more people than they were able to accommodate. They didn’t have any juice or water even so Ty didn’t have any options for drinks.

Completely acknowledging this is a first world problem but at the same time when they market something as elite they should provide more. Very thankful we weren’t people who had paid tons of money for our tickets.

Enjoy this photo of the stairway to the completely full restaurant. 😉

Thankfully we didn’t have long to wait in the lounge before our plane was boarding. So we took off and walked the millions of miles to the gate.

Saw this awesome kids play structure along the way.
First ones on the airplane means we take all the nerdy photos! Also please note our precious box of our wooden elephant.

So this was the flight Ty had been dreaming about. We got the Q-suite seats. Which were basically two small rooms. It was CRAZY! We got the two middle ones so we could put down the dividing wall between us and basically had an entire room to ourselves. Doors that close, pajamas, slippers, eye masks, facial sprays, lotions, chapstick, toothbrush, you name it, they provided it! Oh and we were facing backwards on the plane too. But you literally never noticed it except for take off and landing. No big deal.

Qatars signature drink is mint and lime. Looks hideous, tastes amazing!
This was my side incase you couldn’t guess 🙂 Also I think we found the Hampton motto.
This trip gave me a champagne habit!
Loving life!
Pajamas, embossed wine list, and embossed menu options. My face could not be any more excited. 🙂
They give you a freaking battery operated candle on your tray!

I can honestly say this was the first time I was ever excited to look at the flying time and see that I still had 8 more hours to go. I didn’t want it to end!

But after 13+ hours it finally did. We arrived in Chicago and kindly Ty had made sure we had first class on Alaska Airlines from Chicago to Seattle. Helped ease us back into our “regular joe’ personas.

We killed some time in Seattle before heading home to Anchorage. Nothing special to report and not surprisingly we didn’t take any pictures of these flights because it was back to our same old regular service.

Time for us to get back into the real world, back to being parents and worker bees. It was such a wonderful adventure and we had a great time taking a break from our kiddos for the first time ever. But it’s always so nice to come home.

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