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Travel Day: Kandy to Habarana, Sri Lanka

Today was such a wonderful surprise of amazingness! The day started out regular. Ty went for a run around Kandy while I stayed at the hotel and wrote up some blog posts. He ran into some monkeys along the way.

He. And back and then we grabbed a tuk tuk to this giant Buddha at the top of the city. We were the only ones there and it was neat to check out.

Then we took our tuk tuk back to the hotel for breakfast.


This gives you a small taste of big city driving around here.

We had breakfast, chatted with the kids, and then our driver picked us up at the hotel. We had a 3 hour drive to Habarana where we were going on an elephant safari!

Along the way we stopped at the Spice Garden. It was a total tourist destination but was pretty neat to learn about their local spices and herbal medicines.

They also slipped in a 20 minute medicinal massage. So that was a pleasant surprise. Ty and I got suckered in by a few products. The term snake oil kept running through my head. We shall see when we get back home and try these items again.

After that we drove another hour or so to our place in Habarana. This was one Ty and I were both excited for. Our treehouse room! It didn’t disappoint.

Mosquito net four poster beds. A walkway to an outdoor bed. An outdoor bathroom, with a shower attached to a tree. Incredible!

Soon after we arrived it was time to head to our elephant safari. It was about 30 minutes from our hotel in Kaudulla National Park.

They have a heard of approximately 300 elephants. As we were buying tickets a guy comes up and asks if we want a tracker. We said, no thank you but then he jumps in our truck. I don’t think it was intentionally against what we said. He English was just so poor he probably only understood, thank you. 🙄 So we ended up with a ‘tracker’ even though there’s only one road to follow.

It was maybe twenty minutes before we saw two elephants together. Which was amazing.

Such beautiful country!

Then another 5 minutes before we came upon approximately 100 elephants! It was incredible. The landscape was so beautiful and peaceful. The drivers did a great job staying on the track and everyone was so respectful of the animals.


We stayed watching them for over an hour. Listening to them too the grass and then shake the bugs and mud off before they ate it. Babies were playing and it was mating season so the bulls were trying to get some action.

We drove a bit more and came across this smaller group. They were crossing in front of us when a small female started to charge the jeep. Our tracker was tracking sternly to her and clapping his hands. I kind of wish he hadn’t of been there so we could have seen what would happen.


The weather was ideal, warm and no rain. It was truly a magical, pinch ourselves, I cant believe this is our life, moment.

We drove back home and on the way there was an elephant crossing the road. Just so different from our usual moose and bears.

It was dark and late so they served us dinner at the hotel, then we showered up and went to bed. I happened to have a small frog in the bathroom with me. Still can’t figure out, how he got up there or how he later left. The treehouse room is definitely neat but the bugs were a big factor for me.

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