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Travel Day: Dubai, UAE to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Our flight was scheduled for 10am to Sri Lanka so we got up early and hit the complementary breakfast at the hotel. It was incredible!

All the way down the left side to the back wall and up the other side!

We stuffed ourselves and then headed to the airport. Because we were flying business class with Emirates Airlines we had an entirely different area the cab dropped us off at. It’s it’s own terminal area to check in for the flight. So swanky!

Check in was a breeze. Security didn’t take too long and then we headed for the Emirates business lounge. Of which they had 3 in their terminal alone! The one we checked out was the main one, and it was HUGE.

They needed multiple signs like this because it was so massive.
They had me at Champagne lounge!

I had to check out the champagne lounge. It just seemed so luxurious. It was fabulous!

They also had multiple food options, Mediterranean, Asian, Western, a coffee bar, an ice cream cart, a dessert bar, and a health food bar. In addition to the lounge areas, spa, numerous showers. They also had a kids room with video games. No one was using it so we did a little Mario kart. 😁

Our flight was delayed an hour and for once it was actually wonderful. We played some cards. Then walked down the biggest terminal to our gate. It took us so long we walked right onto our plane.

I told Ty I need an album of ‘T holds drinks’
Why can’t all flights offer meals like this?!

The flight was slow to take off but was otherwise uneventful. We had 4 hours of flying, so we watched a few movies, while eating yummy food. This is going to ruin me for all other trips!

We landed at sunset.

Ty arranged a driver to pick us up at the airport and drive us an hour into Colombo. Unfortunately the sun had set so we didn’t see anything.

We arrived at the hotel around 7:30 and the security was pretty intense. There were six bombings about six months ago in Colombo. Three churches and three big hotels. So they have intense security checking all vehicles, and x-ray machines for all bags and guests before you can enter the hotel.

Ty told them about our anniversary. So kind!
Fun details!
The room hadn’t been updated but was huge.

We were still feeling out of sorts. So we ate the fruit and cake. Stayed up long enough to FaceTime the kids before crashing to sleep.

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