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Adventures in Alaska – Backpacking to Rabbit Lake

So I realized that I never really put our Alaskan adventures on here. Just because we’re not traveling somewhere doesn’t mean we’re not doing cool stuff! We had a couple of weekend adventures this summer that were particularly incredible so I thought I’d put them on here, at least for my memories sake.

High hopes the kids will carry their own water! #bigexpectations ๐Ÿ˜„

Rabbit Lake is a beautiful trail just in Anchorage’s own backyard. It’s the same trailhead as the back way to climb Flattop. I didn’t even know that. It’s a 4.4 mile hike that’s uphill about 50% of the way to the lake. But nothing steep, just gradual climbs, and so worth the effort.

It was a gorgeous Thursday evening when we headed up. We had a snack break along the way of course. #hikingwithkids There may have been some grumbling, and pulling along of children. R’s nickname isn’t pokey puppy for no reason. ๐Ÿ™‚ But when you see that lake for the first time all is forgotten. It’s so beautiful, and especially this day everything was so clear. We met a few runner that night, however there was only one other person camping out. It felt like we had the place to ourselves.

L went blueberry picking, and promptly spilled 90% of them. R was dancing around and singing while Ty cooked dinner. It was a peaceful night.

The next morning L got me up nice and early. So we went exploring. He really wanted to climb the mountain next to our campsite. We climbed up until he said it was too steep, and then we just scrambled around a bit. We saw a ground squirrel, and a lone Dall sheep on a cliff face. It was a beautiful way to start the morning.

After breakfast the kids convinced Ty to take a dip in the lake with them. He kept bringing the idea up so he has no one to blame but himself. ๐Ÿ™‚ It sounded freezing but they all did it.

We packed up and started back down the trail, however maybe ten minutes into our hike we got stopped by a whole herd of Dall sheep. We counted over 20 of them, including 4 rams with full curls. We had a snack break while they crossed over the trail. It was just an incredible moment of mother natures beauty.

The hike back was definitely a bit easier, as it was mostly downhill. But it still takes a while. The kids did great and I’m so proud of what good adventurers they are.

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