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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Adventure Day 1

Last night was thundering and lightning like crazy and the morning didn’t look so bright. Ty headed out about 9am on his bike with the chariot to a bike shop about 9 miles away. He had arranged to get bike boxes from them. (He’s so organized!)

So the kids and I were left to our own devices for a bit. We lounged and then headed to the pool, which Ty had mentioned as being an average hotel pool.

He was so wrong! This thing was huge and we had it all to ourselves for a long time.

They even have these wooden buckets off to the side where you can pull a chain and dump freezing cold water on yourself after leaving the sauna. 🥶 L loved it! After a few hours we went back to our room and had some lunch.

What do you think these parking spots mean? Are they just for women?

The weather still wasn’t great and no one was really feeling like getting on the bikes and riding into downtown. So we splurged and paid for the hotel shuttle to drive us down there.

Downtown Amsterdam is beautiful. They have so many museums to explore but we just weren’t feeling it. I said I just want to see the canals and explore the streets a bit. If we found a playground or two that’s always good as well.

It was a cold and overcast day but still so lovely.

There are so many bikers around here. It’s boggling! They even have parking areas dedicated just to bikes.

We came across a flower market. They sold all kinds of seeds, starter bulbs, and roots. I just had to take a picture of this shop, even though I clearly broke the rules.

Everyone was dragging by this point. We even turned back from a playground due to lack of energy. Amsterdam is apparently known for their pancakes. So I made everyone try them, hoping for a carbo boost. R loved her mixed fruit, it was better than Ls apple. However, I think the cheese, onion, and bacon Ty and I split was the best!

Before the food:

After the food arrives:

The pancakes definitely helped. Then Ty picked up some 5€ pizza and pasta dishes for later. We wandered a bit more trying to find a good playground but that was a bust. We ended up playing hide and seek in a very small hedge maze where you had to watch for the pile of feces in the back. 🙄

We headed back to our hotel on the bus around 5pm so we could make it to a showing of Aladdin at the hotel! R was over the moon excited. L had to have a major pep talk a few times and agreed to watch the preview before saying no.

At the hotel L agreed to watch the movie but was determined not to wear his 3D glasses. I don’t know how he could stand the blurriness but I did convince him to try them on a few times. We all loved the movie. Ty and I a lot more than we expected to. L said it was ok but then proceeded to talk about it for the next hour.

It was a late night by a good one. Tomorrow’s our last full day of vacation.

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