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Karlsruhe, Germany to Mannheim, Germany: Cycling Day 8

Here’s the view from our apartment last night. The sunsets have been so beautiful.

We started off the day by riding past the old royal palace. It was massive!! The grounds were so beautiful to ride through as well.

We decided today would be our playground day. To see how many we could get in one day! Conveniently there was one on the palace grounds.

The trail took us through the woods for a while. It was a bit chilly.

Till we came across another playground!

This one was incredible! So many areas and abilities could play in this one space. We snacked and played for a bit before moving on.

Lots of riding through little towns today.

A bakery and playground stop for lunch. Their pastries are so dang good!

Asparagus fields! Also known as Fargel in German.

We rode past the Mercedes Benz factory today. Then this train passed us full of brand new cars. 🤑

The days final playground. Again it was completely amazing!

We finally made it to our hotel and it was in an industrial part of town. About 6 miles from the center of Mannheim. The hotel was clean but also weird. It was part of another hotel and had basically a vending machine to get your room key from after you entered your confirmation code.

We were just happy to be done riding and walking to dinner.


Also Europe sells these personal sized bottles of wine. This one was 1€!

We got the kids asleep. We had no internet so we chatted future biking adventures and crashed. Tomorrow is a long day, 50+ miles so we’re trying to get up and out the door early.

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