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Rust, Germany: Adventure Day at Europa Park!

After yesterday’s long, long bike ride we were all happy to sleep in. Till 6:30am πŸ˜„

We had a relaxed morning at the apartment and headed out about 8:30. Europa Park (aka he largest theme park in Europe!) didn’t open till 9. So we walked to the local bakery before slowly making our way to the entrance.

Its a Friday here so the park really wasn’t that busy! It’s huge and has country themed areas, also a mouse mascot. So it’s a bit of a knock-off Epcot. But we had a blast! All of the fun, without the Disney prices or expectations.

Linc was 4cm shy of the 120cm mark for some of the really good rides. So we just stuck with all he small stuff and whatever the kids chose. It was super low key but we stayed from 9am till it closed at 6pm.

Super amazing playground area we came across. With lounge chairs for parents and access to a beer garden!

More rides…

I was having a blast on this ‘spinny dragon’

Then we went to the rides that involve water. We couldn’t have asked for better weather today. Probably low 70s, so warm but not sweating hot. It made these water rides so fun and easy to dry from.

Please excuse the horrible faces. I have a love/hate relationship with roller coasters. I love them but they freak me out!!

L did not like this ride but we bribed him to go again with the promise of ice cream after. #smartparenting πŸ˜† Also please crack up at how hilarious everyone’s faces are in this! ☝🏻

The kids were all about getting soaked on the water rides and were disappointed when it didn’t happen.

We had such a fun day and walked almost 19k steps, almost 9 miles. It was nice to use different muscles from biking.

We’re back on the bikes tomorrow for a shorter day of riding and settling into Strasbourg, France for a few days.

Life is good…

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