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Waldshut, Germany to Basel, Switzerland: Cycling Day 4

It wasn’t raining this morning!!! We had a yummy breakfast at the house, packed up, the kids exchanged a few more notes, and we were on our way. Or so we thought…

Our first (and hopefully last!) flat tire of the trip. It was the trail-a-bike. A couple of quick pumps from the road crew and we were back on the road.

The morning ride was quite scenic.

Aside from the giant power plant on one side of the river.

However, everything else was mostly like this.

We alternated between hot and a bit windy. The kids were switched out about every hour. Both wanted to stay on the trail-a-bike so they could listen to their stories.

After this snack stop L didn’t want to get back in the chariot. He wanted to run the trail. So we let him for a bit.

Ty managed to entice him back. 😁

There was a fare amount of city riding as well today. I nearly crashed R and I on a large curb. We irritated a few sidewalk walkers with our giant bikes. We went the wrong way on trails. Whatever!

I love these little troopers of mine!

We made it to the city of Basel about 1:30 after riding 40 miles today.

We couldn’t check into our apartment for about an hour so we went to the nearby playground and Ty picked up lunch.

After getting settled into the apartment we decided to use the easy button and call an Uber to take us to the zoo. It was glorious!!!

L had a bit of an injury situation.

Thankfully it was healed by another playground coming into view. πŸ˜†

We took a taxi back to a grocery store near our apartment. It was a Mercedes that had built in booster seats. It was awesome!

We grabbed dinner from the store and walked home. Felt so nice to finally take showers, feed everyone, and finally get a chance to relax. My Fitbit has me at 26,800 steps today, though I’m not sure how it calibrates the biking. But either way we’re are pooped!

Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and hot but we’re also hoping to make 60ish miles. 😬 It’s going to be a challenge for me but trying to focus on the fact we have a rest day after that!

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