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Zürich to St Margrethen, Switzerland: Cycling Day 2

It was another jet lag morning. 🤪 The kids and Ty were up at 3am. I wasn’t feeling good so I fought for more sleep till 6. Ty had us mostly packed up and ready to go when I finally got up. We had a grocery store breakfast in the room and left for the train station about 7:30.

The plan was to avoid the big hills at the start of the trail by taking the bikes on the train and starting in the city of Sargans. After buying tickets for a train that didn’t allow bikes we quickly got on the right train and settled in for an hour ride around Lake Zürich.

The Swiss think of everything related to cycling! It’s made things so nice.

The weather was predicted to rain on us and it was a bit cold to start getting off the train. But we rode by cows with bells, beautiful fields, and along Flat wonderful trails next to the river. It was beautiful and it started to warm up! These big snails came out all over the path.

We crossed over into Liechtenstein and stopped for brunch in Vaduz. It was a beautiful little town and was jam packed with tourists.

Yep pretty much every place is just this beautiful.

We plugged right along for a while. R took a nap in the chariot and then we stopped for a playground break.

We switched the kiddos out so L could get a chariot nap. Still a few more hours of riding to our campsite but at least the weather was now warm and sunny.

We crossed back over the river into Switzerland.

I was really starting to drag at this point. We had a bit of a headwind and spin class doesn’t quite prepare you for riding hours at a time. 😁 Ty patiently slowed down and let me draft off him. Since having the chariot, and all the camping equipment didn’t slow him down at all.

We made it to our campsite by 2:30ish and the weather was incredible. We were the only campers at this RV site. It was wonderful. The kids were all about the pool even though it was freezing.

They even convinced Ty to try out the high dive into the lake.

We stayed out in the water until the dark clouds rolled in. Dinner was an interesting experience at the campsite restaurant and then we snuggled into our tent in the rain.

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