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Zürich, Switzerland: Cycling Day 1

Well that 6pm bedtime came to haunt us about 4am. #jetlag The kids watched some shows for a while. I researched Zürich and Ty got some sleep since he was up from midnight-4.

We grabbed an early breakfast across the street for $50! 🤑 Before heading out to explore the city on bikes. We loaded the kids in the chariot since it was easier not to have the trail-a-bike.

Nothing like an early morning ride through a European city. So beautiful!

This town is so bike friendly. They even have bike ramps on stairways.

Fun scenes from this morning.

Ty being Ty!

This was the largest clock face in Europe at St. Peter’s cathedral. Which they wouldn’t let anyone into for some reason.

More playgrounds and gardens before we grabbed some bratwurst and corn on the cob for lunch.

Oh the emotions of a 7 year old!

We all crashed back at the hotel for a nap before attempting to see the Switzerland National Circus. Unfortunately they were sold out for the day and that put everyone in a bit of a funk.

We rode back to an American bbq place we saw for dinner, Brisket. I won’t say it’s the best bbq we’ve ever had but they did a decent job. They Mac n cheese was amazing, however we’ve found European portions to be quite small. #fatamericans #supersizeme 😆

We managed to keep everyone up till 8pm tonight. So hopefully we can get our bodies back on track and tomorrow won’t be such an early morning. 🤞🏻

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