Anchorage, Ak to Zürich, Switzerland: Travel Day

So we’re headed off again for another bike adventure! Three weeks cycling the Euro Velo 15 from Switzerland to the Netherlands via Liechtenstein, Germany and France. 🤪

Ty assures me that this ride is flat and mostly on bike paths. So avoiding everything that made Hawaii, hard. Thank goodness!!

We left Anchorage at a delightful 2:30 in the afternoon. Seems like leaving out of Anchorage is always at some awful hours. This was a nice change of pace.

Just checking two bike boxes and a small boy please. 😁

We flew Iceland Air and paid for the bike boxes but our paneers and the stroller were free.

Our family of four fit all our gear into the two large black paneers and one large brown dry bag.

The plane was pretty empty so we switched to the second to last row and got both sides to ourselves! So nice to have that extra room for a 7 hour flight.

See you in a few weeks Anchorage!

The flight was fine, no issues. A few movies later and we were landing in Reykjavik, Iceland.

We checked out their lounge, thanks so Ak Airlines Gold status and enjoyed some food for an hour.

Our flight to Zürich was three hours and again wonderfully uneventful.

We got the stroller and the bike boxes and started schlepping our way towards to subway. It takes Ty about an hour to put all three bikes together so it’s not really feasible to do immediately upon landing. Ty figured out the best way to transport everything was to load one side of the bike boxes into the chariot and use it to hold most of the weight as we push them along from the other end.

It’s totally awkward and not very easy. But much easier than him and I each trying to carry a 60 pound giant box. The subway was a short ride and thankfully our hotel was a five minute walk from the station.

Ty got to work building the bikes in front of the hotel while the kids and I explored a nearby playground.

Their pants were totally soaked!

Ty got the bikes together and we got into our room. Didn’t stay long though otherwise we would have passed out. It was 4:30 local time and we’d been up almost 24 hours. Our goal was an early dinner followed by bed. We found an Asian restaurant that was open for dinner, Nooch. It was good but we also realized that Zürich is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Back to the hotel and the kids and I were asleep by 6!

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