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Naahelu to Captain Cook, HI: Bike Adventure Day 6

Well today was not my favorite. It started off nicely. The bed and breakfast we stayed at was so beautiful and peaceful. The kids loved playing ping pong and air hockey. The host showed us some home footage of the volcano eruption last year.

Then we took off about 10am and it immediately sucked. As we were leaving the driveway a car zooms past and starts honking at Ty and flips him the bird. Following that, we rode uphill for an hour straight.

At several points one or both the kids were walking. It just alleviated so much weight to get the kid off the bikes.

After we finally get off the hill, we get to the road with virtually no shoulder.

It was just scary and I spent the next few hours just focused on that white line.

Lunch break! We then rode across the street to pick up pizza for dinner. R had to carry it on her lap for the next 20 miles since there were no restaurants close to where we were staying.

The other thing that freaked me out about this road was that there were a ton of memorials on the side of the road. I had really only seen one or two before this. We passed at least 5 or 6 just in a few hour bike ride!

We were finally starting to get close to the house when L’s shoelace wrapped around the peddle. Then about ten minutes later the peddle fell off! As I was going back to get it, a truck passed and yelled at us to watch out for the cars. I get it, it’s not a safe road but what were we supposed to do?!

After I fixed his peddle it started to rain on us. Poor L just kept telling me he was cold and there was nothing I could do but keep riding.

We finally make it to the road the house is on and we have to stop and wait there. This road is so steep, the home owners claim its the steepest in Hawaii. Ty thankfully knew about this ahead of time and had arranged for the homeowner to pick us up. Or at least our kids and our gear.

Ty also spies this dead gem.

The owner can’t fit our bikes in his car with everything else so we attempt to ride our bikes down the hill. Forgetting that my bike seat was attached to the trail-a-bike. We started off and it seemed doable.

But after the first little bit I’m breaking and my tires just start sliding. I have no control over my bike and the road is wet! Freaked me out so I hop off and start walking my bike down. Ty’s not having any issues so on a straight away I hop back on and try again. Well I completely lose control of my bike. It’s sliding all over because even with front and back breaks the weight of it is just pulling it down the hill. I’m all out screaming in terror. Thankfully I manage to slow my bike down enough to stop. That’s it though I just walk it down the hill the rest of the mile to the house. Even my shoes felt slippery and the bike kept wanting to slide away from me. It was crazy!

That was after my first slide. No way was I going to smile!

The house was comfortable. However, both kids managed to slam their faces into the sliding glass door. 🤦🏻‍♀️ R’s got a shiner and L has a goose egg on his forehead.

It was just not our day!

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