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Volcano to Naahelu, HI: Bike Adventure Day 5

We decided to have a lazy morning in our rental house. It was really nice to wake up at 6:30 šŸ™„ and not rush out the door. We finally left around 11 and of course it was drizzling. R woke up still sounding awful so we knew she was just going to hang in the chariot all day. But with the rain we decided to stuff L in there too. But Ty didn’t mind since the morning was going to be mostly downhill.

This is as close to the park as we got.

Check out these birds nests!!

Our highest elevation sign and I almost missed it since it was so hidden.

From here we just started our long fun decent.

You’d think riding with a heavy trailer and packs would be heavy but really when you take away the 45 pound kid everything seems so much easier!

We made it to the black sand beach and let the kids play for a bit.

We left about 2:30 and I again had L behind me since Ty saw we had some more elevation to climb before we got to our place for the night. I look up the road and see it just go straight up this hillside.

It was another brutal climb. The shoulder was narrow and cars were going fast. I was just about to stop when L gave me his booster and pushed me up over the last big rise. That hill was a killer!

We made it up that giant hill but it had wiped me out for all the small rollers that followed it. I finally had to kick L off the bike and made him run up to the top of the hill where I’d pick him up. Thank goodness he’s a team player!

You can kind of see him walking behind the chariot here. Proud to say I didn’t end up walking the bike. It was easier to ride without his weight added to it.

R started to feel nauseous and L needed a pit stop. This is real life adventures with kids.

She walked briefly while she wasn’t feeling good.

We finally made it to our dinner spot. We grabbed Mexican to go.

I also found this itty bitty praying mantis on my bike.

L being a goof.

He thought this tiny seat was hilarious!

It was only three more miles and 300 ft gain to the house. So off we slogged. It was hot, and sunny, with again minimal shoulder. But we made it and this place is on a macadamia nut farm. It’s beautiful!

So much for our easy day! That’s a lot of climbing still.

Trying to entice the cats around here to play. Dinner was great and it’ll be another early night for all of us.

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