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Hilo, HI: A non-adventure Day

Our goals for today were to play another round of golf and to surprise the kids with a movie. We managed to accomplish both of these. 😁

R decided to join team sickness by waking up super congested. We are sharing one hotel room, and numerous water bottles, I’m not totally surprised.

After another hotel breakfast we walked across the street to the golf course. It was surprisingly busy till we realized it was all the regulars. The retirees that must live nearby. They were ruthless about scavenging for balls. We lost several this way!

Poor R was wiped out. Felt a bit feverish even, so we went back to the hotel for her to rest. The boys brought up some lunch and we hung out for a few hours.

We managed to pull ourselves together to bike the kids to their surprise! We found a movie theatre at the mall that was playing Wonder Park. I was super excited to see this movie, it looked really fun. Well, apparently I should have read a synopsis of it first. Spoiler alert, the mom gets super sick and has to go away. Well this had both my kiddos sobbing. L was regularly saying, I don’t want to watch any more! For my sensitive kiddos this movie was a bit too intense.

Little do they know what they’re in for! 🤦🏻‍♀️

We softened the blow of the movie by grabbing some Jamba Juice, more meds at Safeway, and dinner at Panda Express.

We made another early night of it since most everyone is sick, and tomorrow would be our big hill climb day, up to Volcano National Park. I’m getting super nervous about it!

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