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Hilo, HI: Adventure Day

We woke up nice and early, like most vacations with kids. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Had a so-so breakfast in the hotel. (Side note, our hotel is just average, we wouldn’t recommend it but we wouldn’t say not to stay here) then we grabbed our bikes and headed off to find this local Catholic Church, Malia Puka O Kalani. It was a beautiful little chapel and the residents were super welcoming. They gave us all leis made from yarn. Huge hits with the kiddos!

They had refreshments after mass and invited us to join them. It was so much food it was a lunch! We enjoyed visiting this little church and they sang the majority of their songs in Hawaiian.

We came back to the hotel and Ty arranged for us to go play golf. The hotel has a 9 hole course right across the street. It’s nothing fancy but they let the kids play for free and even had junior clubs for them to use.

L loves playing. R enjoys it every few holes but she’s more focused on driving the cart.

The hunt for lost balls and then using the ball washer were also big highlights!

It was very low key so we just fun.

After golf we walked back to the hotel and got the bikes out for dinner. Ty found an Indian restaurant in town.

A short ride with him pulling all the weight. 😄

Dinner was delicious! We had a rousing game of Uno as well, it finally ended in a four way tie. The bike ride home felt easy and quick. Then we got everyone ready for bed back on our usual schedule.

Thankfully L seemed better today! It seems like his cold goes through so many fluctuations. So hard to know when to take him in and when to hold off.

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  1. Looks like you’re having an amazing trip! The Ellingsons (Gabe’s family) are cheering you on! Way to go Hampton family!

    1. Hi Emily!
      Yes we’re having quite the adventure. So glad you’re able to follow along! Thanks for the support.

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