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Hapuna, HI: Laziest Adventure Day Ever

We literally spent the whole day at the pool and the beach. It was glorious! With views like this, why leave?

We had found that broke boogie board at the beach the day before and it was perfect for the kids still.

L played in the pool nonstop all morning long till we finally ordered some lunch. He was just diving, swimming, and making friends. R wanted a bit of quiet time in the shade due to her sunburn.

After lunch I convinced them to sit still and let me put my sunscreen on by allowing them to listen to Harry Potter.

R convinced Papa to go to the beach with her. Ty went to take a nap, he woke up sounding pretty congested. L decided to take it easy and just continue to listen to Harry.

We packed it up about 4 finally. Got everyone cleaned up and headed to Waimea for dinner. We went to the Red Water Cafe and it was incredible. However, the portions were overwhelming! The one cute touch about this place is the table covers are paper and any kid who does a drawing they tape it to their walls. L was so proud of his ‘frog in a dead mans hand’. 😳 I have no idea where that came from!

Despite arriving early for our 6pm reservation dinner was super long and the kids were an emotional mess by the end of the night. We were happy to tuck them in with Gamma and Papa!

Since the next days ride was going to be a 3k elevation gain. Basically biking up a hill for 15 miles, with very narrow shoulders. We asked the grandparents if they would mind take our bags and the kids up to the top of the hill. 😁 Thankfully they agreed. So Ty and I packed the chariot, and tag-a-long with our bags into their van and called it a night since we were getting up at 6:30 for our hill climb.

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