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Kailua to Hapuna, HI: Bike Adventure 1

L woke us all up about 6:15 and we had wanted an early morning start for our ride. Maybe not this early but we figured, why not. #vacationwithkids 😄

We made breakfast of food bagels, yogurt, and bananas. Got ourselves dressed and packed up all the last minute items into our paneers. I’m sure the hotel staff was happy to see our bikes leaving. We’d been in and out of their storage room like 6 times in two days.

Don’t we look all refreshed and excited?! We had a few working out the kinks moments early on. But we soon settled into a rhythm and I learned that I need to get off the bike for every hour of riding. 😬 So those became snack breaks and times the kids could switch from the chariot to the trail-a-bike.

We were making really good time until the last ten miles or so. Then we got a massive headwind with lots of large rolling hills. Ty was incredible! He was pulling R in the chariot, which must have been like having a giant sail behind him. Then he was also trying to go slow enough so I could draft off him, but the moment we got to a hill I just couldn’t keep up. So in the end I just put my head down and slogged away up those hills.

We were so happy to see the resort, but apparently the entrance was a bit tricky because we ended up at some service entrance and had to get creative.

So happy to see the signs for the lobby and know we were close!

We were met at the entrance by Papa and Gama. What welcome faces! It was hard but felt like a good first ride for the trip. And we couldn’t have asked for a more incredible hotel to have a rest day at!

Makes me nervous how hard 1,200 ft elevation gain was. How will I survive 3k?! 😬

We spent the rest of the day at the pool and the beach. Just relaxing and playing.

By 4 I was all sunned out and knew we needed to get the kids out of the sun for a bit as well. Poor R got a bad sunburn on her cheeks and back of her hands the first day in Hawaii. So we had her wear her hat all day today. I kept slathering my kids and myself in sunscreen. Hopefully by the end of this week we’ll have a bit of a tan to protect ourselves more.

We tried to go to an early dinner.

But sometimes that just doesn’t seem to work out. The kids were so wiped out by the end of it.

It had been a very long and wonderful day!

Update on L: his cough is almost completely gone!!! 🎉 So, so thankful for modern medicine.

However, Ty now seems to be coming down with a head cold. Which is not great timing…

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