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Kailua, HI: Adventure Day

As with kids on vacation we slept terribly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Linc woke us up at 4am with a coughing spell. Then again for the day about 7am. We tried to keep them as quiet as possible in the room. But is it just our kids or does their volume suddenly just increase?!

We walked to the grocery store and got breakfast. Enjoyed some Jamba Juice!

Then we put Ty to work assembling the bikes while the kids and I played in the lagoon and the pool. 😁

At least he had a good view!

He finished around lunchtime. So we dropped the bikes off in storage and took the boxes up to the room to put our suitcases in them. Then Ty got to relax at the pool. That was all on our agenda for the rest of the day!

When in Hawaii, you have to enjoy the shave ice right?!

By the end of the afternoon L was coughing a lot. So we went upstairs to shower and get packed up. By the time we were ready he just about fell asleep on the bed. We managed to drag him across the street to dinner.

He ate about half before he was wiped out. By this point I was getting pretty concerned we would end up in the Hawaiian ER again due to his asthma.

Coughing break on our way back to the room. The inhaler we had brought, along with the kids cough meds weren’t helping him at all. Thankfully I remembered I had brought a single dose steroid. This is exactly what they would give him if we went to the ER. So I gave him that and he quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile Ty and R finished their dinner and had a photo shoot on the way back. 😍

We went to bed hopeful for some more sleep and a healthier L in the morning.

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