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London, England to New York to Alaska: Travel Days

Our flight out of London was early morning. We left the hotel about 6am after a few hours of sleep. Security and checking in was no big deal. So we had a bit of time to find a lounge. It wasn’t anything fabulous but as always they’re so nice to get away from the hub-bub of the main terminals.

We got onto our flight and that’s when we got the best surprise. It was such an empty flight! Ty’s seat was in the middle three seats and no one else was in his row. So I moved over and the kids had three seats to themselves while Ty and I shared three seats. It was glorious!! Just not feeling crammed or confined made it such a delightful flight. Best international flight we’ve had!

We made it through customs quickly due to Ty using MobilPass. It’s such a great app! Our hotel in New York which Ty booked specifically because it had a pool, however the pool was closed. 🤦🏻‍♀️ why they closed an indoor pool for the season makes no sense.

So instead of being able to burn some energy we had two kids stuck in a hotel room. We resorted to taking the kids to the hotel gym and working them out. 😄

We ordered some room service for dinner and crashed early. The past few days our schedules were so crazy so we were ok with extra sleep.

We also had to get up early, again, for our flight from New York to Portland. Thankfully the flights were easy and we had no issues.

Enjoying the lounge before our flight.

We flew New York to Portland to Seattle to Anchorage. Which sounds more miserable than it was. It really only added about an extra two hours to our day.

There really was nothing better than arriving back home. Even with all the snow and cold back in Alaska!

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