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Fez, Morocco: Adventure Day 2 (kind of)

It was another rough night of sleep in Fez! Not surprisingly though The local leather cobbler is right next door. He bangs always with his wooden mallet till 11:30. Call to prayer is at 5am, the roosters, and local large dog, start making a racket around 4am. It’s extremely loud in this Medina.

L and I tried to sleep in as long as possible, since we had quarantined ourselves from the sickies. We even stayed in our room and watched some shows after we woke up. Once it became apparent that the others were awake. We got up and had some breakfast of toast, jam, and hard boiled eggs. The same food we’ve been eating for days around here!

It appeared R and Ty were on the mend enough to leave the house. We made a plan to get out of the Medina and have some sun on our faces! Ty said he found some hiking trails just outside the gate so we went for it.

Turns out those hiking trails were through a cemetery and a garbage dump. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh well, we’re not too picky. However, may I just say, from what we have been exposed to, Fez has a rather unpleasant smell about the whole town. I think it’s a bad combination between the tanneries and the garbage that is just everywhere.

This family was getting their drinking water from what appeared to be a still pool of water, in the middle of a cemetery. My greatest takeaway from this way how thankful I should be for my VERY easy life!

We did find some old castle ruins.

We played some Crazy 8’s here on the mountain top. Then we made our way to a bit of a neighborhood square. We finally got to mail some postcards to friends and family.

Then we hit a local bakery for some ok sweets. Think fennel cookies, or dates instead of chocolate. No one overdoes the sugar like we do in the US.

We made our way back through the ruins/garbage to the Medina.

The kids found some seashells, literally buried in the hillside. They may actually be fossils! We couldn’t figure out why else they would be there, amongst the trash.

We passed by where all the hides are dried once they have been tanned, and dyed. It again, smelled as lovely as you’d imagine.

We then wound our way back into the labyrinth of the Medina for a few hours of rest at home. More card playing and iPad watching.

We did rouse ourselves to attempted dinner out again. We did a bit of lackluster shopping. We also completed a wishlist item of R’s, to get some henna tattoos.

L got jealous once he saw how cool it was. I needed some too of course. But she started running out of henna, so I got what was left.

We had hoped to get some Thai food for dinner but they didn’t open for another hour and half at this point. So we ended up back at the Chinese food restaurant. Just because we couldn’t handle kebabs and fries any more. (We’re totally burnt out on Morocco at this point, Sorry if I’m starting to sound whiney) We had half of what we ordered at the restaurant and left all this food. It felt so privileged to do this, as boys where popping in from the street to slyly beg us for money.

We were happy to head home knowing this would be our last night in the Medina.

Again the leather cobblers were at work till 11:30pm. Again the dogs and roosters were going crazy. It was another night of less than wonderful sleep. But we went to bed content with the knowledge, we were headed to London in the morning. 5am, early morning to be exact!

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