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Chefchaouen, Morocco: Adventure Day

We had stayed in another of the Air BnB host’s houses, because he said there was a heating issue at our rental. But that it was fixed and we would be going over to that unit this morning. He brought us breakfast at 9:30. It was delicious and quite the spread. It was nice not to have to immediately go out searching for food.

Then we packed up and he moved us to our original rental unit. That was just being cleaned, so we dropped our bags, and would come back later. I’m assuming he’d actually double booked our rental, and that’s why we had the house switch. But really, it wasn’t a big deal.

We decided to go up hiking a bit. To get away from the crowds of tourists. This place is like Instagram overload. Every single corner is crazy beautiful with all this blue!

That last photo was from the interior of the first house we stayed in!

The kids have become picture posing superstars. It’s kind of ridiculous, but in a fun way.

Here I am replicating a pose I had just witnessed. I swear it! The posed tourist photo shoots are hilarious.

Our plan was to walk up and around Old Town, making our way to the Spanish Monastery up on a hill. But we must have overshot the trail. We ended up hiking a few miles up this trail. It was a beautiful overlook, but we had a large valley in between us and the monastery.

Our only option was to come back down our same route. We ended up at a playground of course.

We walked back into the Old Town and found ourselves a little cafe in the sun.

Then we decided to wander around a bit. Found ourselves a trail through the cemetery up to the sunset point. It was a lovely spot to view the entire city.

We found ourselves the regular path back down. A fresh orange juice vendor was conveniently located right there along with a man hand cranking cotton candy!

Lots of vendors all over, people in traditional garb, and even a guy with a ostrich and a parakeet that you could pose with for pictures.

We wandered home back through the streets of blue.

Our house is apparently more of a hostel than our own place. We have two rooms and the host provided us with a lock for our door. It’s definitely different then advertised.

We grabbed a couple of baked goods and some yogurts for dinner from a local quick shop. None of us felt like going out and walking about any more.

Settled the kids into their bed for the night then Ty and I stayed up watching Bird Box. So intense!!! Then we tried to sleep while listening to people banging on the front door. Cats getting into fights in the street. R fell out of bed because L was hogging it 🙄

So I traded with her and soon realized why L was hogging the bed. It was slanted so the person not against the wall was falling out.

I was able to get a few hours of sleep but R was up most of the night with an upset tummy. It didn’t bode well for our day of driving tomorrow.

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