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Sahara Desert to Marrakesh, Morocco: Travel Day

Ty woke up bright an early in the desert, about 6am. He worked the rest of us up about 8am I had pulled all the covers over onto my side, trying to stay warm. Have I mentioned it was freezing!!

We had a good breakfast of rolls, yogurt, eggs, and these pancake/crepe things they make. With hot mint tea of course. Then we packed up, enjoyed a bit of the sunrise, then watched most of the group head out on camels.

Here are a few photos from inside our tent.

Then off we drove. We new we had about 7 hours of driving ahead of us. We also had a terrible experience with R’s car sickness on the way here, so we did our best to prepare. Knowing it was going to be daylight, we were hoping for better results.

We made it to a good lunch stop. It was a hotel near the big movie studios. It had a play area, that we had to buy a ticket for, so the kids could play. Weird, but it burned some of their energy so we went for it. We had been trying to get some plastic bags, for the car ride, but everywhere they give you these fabric bags instead. I finally asked the waiter, and he took a while but brought out this reusable plastic grocery bag for us to keep. It was thoughtful, but we keep thinking there must be a ban on typical American plastic bags here. Which is a good thing! We also gave R some Dramamine. Here’s a screen shot of the worst sections of the road.

(Ty and I keep calling these sections, the intestines!)

We made a stop at one of the passes. Then out of no where, this kid shows up and offers to sell us a box of dates. L was dying to spend this money he had, so the kid sold a box to L for 2 euros. A pretty good profit for him! Then the kid whips a lizard out of his pocket and sticks it on L’s shoulder. So then the rest of us had to have a photo with it as well. It was so chill!

The rest of the drive, though very long was uneventful. Oh well we did get suckered into buying some fake Moroccan geodes. There are all these guys along the road, holding up these brightly colored geodes, they’re incredible! So Ty saw a good one and pulled over. We thought we got a bargain with 4 for $50. Then the next stop, we found out the guy sold them for $10. I looked them up later, they’re homemade out of clay for like .75 cents! Oh well, we keep telling ourselves, they need the money more than we did!

We returned the rental car in Marrakesh and the nice employee, arranged a taxi for us, to get to our Air BnB. It’s tucked into a part of town you can’t drive to. So the guy with with key, met us on the side of the road, then we had to walk through the maze of streets to the house.

It’s an experience like nothing else, these winding, back, side streets.

R was done going out for the night, so us girls stayed in, while the boys went out and got us some street sandwiches and fries.

We were all happy to be out of the car and snuggled into warm beds.

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