Adventure Days · Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco: Adventure Day 1

Everyone slept in a bit this morning. We had no agenda for the day. It was nice not to be rushing out the door. We started some laundry before heading out to get some breakfast.

Walking through these streets is quite the experience. Once again, thanks to Ty’s app we’re not the bumbling tourists we could be.

People are selling things everywhere! Mopeds and motorcycles are zipping though. Men on bikes, or guys with donkeys and carts are coming by. You have to squish yourself against the sides of the walkway or they will run you over! Everywhere, is something to look at. It’s a sensory overload!

We made it out to the big square. It was just getting going for the day. Not all that busy. So we found ourselves a restaurant with a view of the square. We had the most amazing brunch, after a bit of confusion. Enjoyed the sunshine, and watching the chaos below.

After brunch, our big draw in the square was the snake charmers. They’re a huge scam from what Ty’s researched. So we prepped the kids prior to leaving the house. If someone comes up to you, what do you say? If they want to put a snake or something on you what do you say? My kids have handled the chaos well. They just start shouting, NO, NO, NO!

So after this prep, all we did was stand off to the side and watch the guys with these cobra snakes. We also snuck some photos.

We explored the markets a bit more before heading back to our house. We washed some more clothes, I blogged a bit, R actually took a nap, while Ty and L played some Uno on the rooftop deck. It was wonderful down time for us all!

We headed back into the main square for dinner. It was so much more intense at night! We found ourselves another restaurant with rooftop seating so we could watch the action. The food was good, however, it took forever, and we were just a bit exhausted by the end of the evening.

We had hoped to shop a bit on the way home, but it was so late, we went straight home, and put everyone to bed. We were to get up early in the morning. We had arranged a cooking class to learn some authentic Moroccan dishes.

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