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Marrakech, Morocco: Adventure Day 2

We got up bright and early with an alarm today. So we could make it to our cooking class by 9am.

We walked through some very quiet streets to get to the main square. It was delightful not to be run down by motorcycles every few minutes.

We bought some fresh juice in the square. Before heading off to find our cooking school.

We met our host and she told us our menu for the day. She gave us our shopping list, and how to order our items in Arabic. We practiced a bit, all of us had our items. Even the kids! Then we went out to shop. She typically teaches larger groups, and not usually with children. But she made an exception for us, and it was wonderful to have our own private chef for the day.

We bought our own vegetables, and spices. Even picked out our own fresh chicken, alive! It was a good reminder for the children, of where animals actually come from. R and L protested a bit, that they wouldn’t eat any. But when it came down to it, they didn’t have any objections eating that chicken!

We made a traditional mint tea, couscous, mashed potatoes, cooked pumpkin (my favorite dish!) chicken tagine, home made bread, fried zucchini (that Ty apparently burned), and a delicious almond/date/apricot dessert.

The kids were extremely involved in every step of the process. Until we got to the stove cooking part. I was impressed with how well they did. We’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows at home, so I was excited to take this class with them. I foresee this becoming a new tradition with us when we travel. It was even great to get Ty more involved in food preparation. A good event for our entire family!

The food was delicious. The kids at least tried everything. It may not have been their favorites, but just exposing them to new flavors is always beneficial.

We did a bit of shopping after we finished our class. R was dying for one of the fancy Moroccan dresses. L wanted a top that the local kids were playing with. Ty and I always try and find a local mask if they have them. We managed to find all these treasures, along with a christmas ornament or two. A mask and an ornament, those are our go-to items to purchase on vacation.

The pottery here is so amazing. I’m still trying to figure out if I can bring home a large ceramic bowl. 🙂

We may have also stopped near the snake charmers again. L is obsessed. He would stand and watch them all day, if we let them.

We made it home, and relaxed for about an hour. Then we walked to the local sandwich shop for dinner. Took it home and enjoyed it on our rooftop terrace. We packed up a bit and are hoping to get the kids to bed a bit early tonight.

Tomorrow we take the plane to Fez, before driving ourselves 3.5-4 hours North to Chefchaouen. Fingers crossed for a smooth travel day tomorrow.

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