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Ait Ben Haddou to Sahara Desert, Morocco: Adventure Day (Part 2)

We met our guide for the camel excursion in a local gas station and he drove us out of Zagora into the desert right to camp. We were a bit confused since we thought we were riding the camels to camp but he soon explained that when the camels arrived with the other group of people, about 20+ Spaniards, then we would ride the camels around the camp grounds.

This wasn’t exactly like what we had planned but we rolled with it. We liked the idea of riding on our own and not in a giant group at least. Also we were the first ones to camp so we got a private tea service. Mint tea is a BIG deal here! They also upgraded us to a 3 bed tent with a private bathroom. That was extremely nice!

The kids were thrilled to be able to play in the sand.

We watched the camels arrived, and then it was our turn! Time to check, riding camels in the Sahara off our bucket list. 🐪✔️

The kids then took turns leading our caravan back to camp.

We rode about for less than an hour but after we got off Ty’s and my inner thighs were killing us! I cant imagine how it would feel to do the 5 hour camel ride. 😳

We then gave he kids free rein to play in the sand. They went nuts until the sun set.

Try and take a nice photo, this is what happens…

The sun set and things got cold very quickly. We took the kids into the tent and gave them a very quick and cold rinse in the shower drizzle. Then we dressed in our warmest layers and went out to play UNO until dinner.

There were some musicians playing the drums and singing. They let the kids drum when they wanted. R danced her heart out, as long as no one was looking. She said it was her favorite part.

We met some very nice brothers from Barcelona who were traveling with their parents on break. They were wonderful to chat with and play a rounds of cards with till dinner. By now it was 8pm, the kids were starving and tired. It had been a very long day.

Dinner was served in the large tent. It was soup and bread, then some kebabs, a tagine of turkey and vegetables, with fruit for dessert. L didn’t make it past the kebabs before laying down to sleep. R slept through the tagine but woke for some fruit. We left dinner right after that and put the kids to bed fully clothed. It was freezing at this point. The beds had about 4 or 5 heavy blankets on them by there were no heaters. So about 9:30 Ty and I tucked ourselves into bed, fully dressed, coats, and hats on as well. The staff came to check on us, since we were missing the bonfire, more drumming and singing. But we were too tired, from the past few days of poor sleep.

Ty was able to go to sleep, however, I stayed up, snuggled under the covers, messaging family (wifi in the desert, how fancy!) and reading until the drumming stopped about 11:30pm. So I almost stayed up to ring in the New Year. ☺️

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